16 Cybertruck Wraps That Make Tesla’s Electric Truck Even More Polarizing

The raw stainless steel look isn’t for everyone.

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SS Customs' Halo-inspired Razorback wrap for Cybertruck
SS Customs

With such a controversial design, Tesla’s Cybertruck is no stranger to attracting attention in the streets. Some people have even gone to the extra lengths of customizing their Cybertruck to be more eye-catching. Just take a look at this ridiculously polished design that looks like it’d be dangerous for everyone else on the road.

Tesla does offer an official way of getting your Cybertruck wrapped, but we’re seeing a lot of creativity when it comes to custom designs that cover up the stainless steel body. Here are 13 wraps we found that make the Cybertruck look like more than just a hunk of metal.

1. Rusted Out

Luxe Concepts’ rust wrap makes it look like this Cybertruck has seen it all.

WhipAddict / YouTube

With some reports of rusting on the Cybertruck, it was a surprise to see that rapper T.I. went all the way with a completely rusted-out look. Even more surprising, the wrap from Luxe Concepts actually looks fitting and almost like a well-aged patina from surviving an apocalypse.

2. Ford F-150

There’s something fishy about this Ford F-150.

Justin Wolfe / X

Before the Cybertruck was released, Tesla was already poking fun at its competitors. This wrap made to look like a Ford F-150 isn’t available anywhere, but it does offer an answer to how the two pickups would look superimposed on top of each other.

3. Toyota Tundra

No pickup truck is safe from Tesla’s wraps.

ModelAZ / Cybertruckownersclub

Tesla wasn’t just targeting Ford when it came to silly one-off wraps. The Cybertruck has also been spotted disguised as a green Toyota Tundra. We don’t think we’ll see this in an official version anytime soon, but it’s still a fun way to hide the fact that you drive a truck that looks like a PS1 game.

4. Halo Razorback

The Cybertruck and Halo-themed wraps are a match made in heaven.

SS Customs

Elon Musk has said the Cybertruck was inspired by Halo, so it was only a matter of time before we saw an on-theme wrap. It’s not based on the classic Warthog from the popular sci-fi shooter series, but the Razorback wrap from SS Customs still looks very appropriate.

5. Dual-tone Honeycomb

This dual-tone wrap is one of the more standout ones we’ve seen.

Signature Customs / Instagram

Some people see the Cybertruck’s stainless steel frame as a final design, others see a blank canvas. To add some more personality, Signature Customs took a Foundation Series model and gave it a yin-yang look with a honeycomb pattern that’s hard to take your eyes off of.

6. Satin Psychedelic

If you can’t decide on what color to wrap your Cybertruck in, just go for all of them.

CyberSleeze / Cybertruckownersclub

If you’re tired of seeing fingerprints on your Tesla, you could just go full iridescent like this Cybertruck owner. It’s equal parts trippy and pretty, and it sure beats looking at a raw metal finish with tons of gross smears all over it.

7. Iron Man

With the headlights on, it looks just like the face of Iron Man’s armor.

Sudhir Pargaonkar / Facebook

The Cybertruck may not be as high-tech as Iron Man’s armor, but it does share a few similarities. It’s powered by AI thanks to Full Self Driving and it was made by an eccentric billionaire. It’s only fitting to dress the Cybertruck in the Marvel superhero’s iconic metallic red and gold.

8. WW2 Bomber Plane

A unique design for a unique EV.

lodgey.media / Instagram

Since the Cybertruck already has such an aggressive design, this bomber plane-inspired wrap just takes it up another notch. The EV may not take to the skies, but you’ll still feel like you’re flying when flooring the Cybertruck’s accelerator pedal.

9. Full Matte White

All white everything.

Abushi / Instagram

Matte black seems like an obvious choice for the Cybertruck, but this matte white wrap looks just as good and bears a strong resemblance to the Lamborghini Countach. According to Tesla Oracle, New York Giants linebacker Isaiah Simmons reportedly paid around $50,000 for this standout design by Abushi.

10. Dukes of Hazzard

Say what you will about Kid Rock, but his Cybertruck wrap is simple and satisfying.

PBR / YouTube

It’d be tough to wrap your Cybertruck in this tribute to General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard and not feel compelled to send it off some wild jumps. You might just void your warranty if you do so, but at least the Cybertruck can pull off the same look.

11. Wood Paneling

A deep cut to the wood panel trend that’s since fallen out of favor.

Leviathon Tice / Facebook

The Cybertruck may don a cyberpunk EV design, but nothing is stopping you from dressing it with a more retro look. For anyone who grew up taking family road trips in the family station wagon with those fake wood panels, this custom wrap serves up a nostalgic hit.

12. Rose Gold Chrome

Might as well go with maximum gaudiness if you’re driving a Cybertruck.

Omar’s Wheels and Tires / Facebook

Wrapping any car in chrome or a mirror finish is always risky. And while we wouldn’t put the lives of everyone else on the road at risk, if you absolutely must bling out your Cybertruck in rose gold chrome, now you can. This reflective wrap, paired with oversized 30-inch rims, will seriously turn heads.

13. Assassin Red

It’s red, wait no, it’s orange.

FieldsFury / Reddit

You can choose from 11 colors if you get Tesla to wrap your Cybertruck, but this color-shifting wrap from FlexiShield is a lifesaver for the indecisive among us. From one angle, it looks like a deep burgundy, but from another side, it shows a rich orange.

14. Tron Lines

A clever trick with reflective tape for a cyberpunk look.

Louis Hoch / Facebook

If any EV suits neon LED strips, it’s the Cybertruck. While you can’t stick actual RGB lighting onto the outside of your car, this matte white wrap with reflective tape does a good job at imitating Tron’s iconic polygonal look.

15. Super Mario

If only you could play Super Mario Bros. inside the Cybertruck.

kal8el77 / Reddit

This nostalgic 8-bit makeover of the Cybertruck’s raw exterior makes it feel a lot less aggressive. As great as Super Mario Bros. is, we can’t help but wonder what Tesla’s pickup would look like with a Mario Kart-themed wrap.

16. Cleveland Browns

Say what you will about the Browns, but this wrap still looks clean.

dprunner811 / Reddit

Cleveland Browns fans might be used to disappointment, but the team’s color scheme doesn’t let us down when thrown on the Cybertruck. It’s almost like the General Lee design, but with a racing stripe that’s the perfect cherry on top.

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