This Game Boy Advance SP Clone Can Play PSP, DS, and Dreamcast Games

All hail the best gaming handheld form factor.

Anbernic RG35XX SP
Anbernic / YouTube

It may look and feel like a Game Boy Advance SP, but the RG35XX SP is actually Anbernic’s homage to Nintendo’s iconic handheld.

As incredible as a modern-day clamshell gaming handheld is, we had the surprise spoiled when we first heard about the RG35XX SP through some leaks last month. It doesn’t mean we’re any less hyped though, since it’s still rare to find a retro handheld in this form factor. So far, we know of PowKiddy’s older V90 and Miyoo’s Mini Flip which adds joysticks to the clamshell design. However, Anbernic has beat everyone to the punch with its RG35XX SP which should be available soon.

The metallic silver colorway brings back old memories.

Anbernic / YouTube

A Joystick-Free Clamshell

We can see in the reveal video that the RG35XX SP can handle up to PSP, Nintendo DS, and Dreamcast games. Going off the performance alone, the clamshell handheld likely shares the same quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM as Anbernic’s RG35XX Plus and H models.

Unlike Miyoo’s competing handheld, Anbernic opted against thumbsticks for the RG35XX SP. That design choice makes it feel more like the original Gameboy Advance SP, especially in that metallic silver colorway. However, that might make it harder to play games that were designed with joysticks in mind, like Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Crazy Taxi.

The video also confirmed that the RG35XX SP will have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, which allow for multiplayer modes and connecting your wireless accessories — a feature that’s notably missing with Anbernic’s 2024 refresh of its RG35XX base model. You can even hook up the RG35XX SP to a larger display through an HDMI port or moonlight streaming.

The RG35XX SP can be set up to moonlight stream for more graphics-intensive games.

Anbernic / YouTube

Spec Sheet Coming Soon

Anbernic hasn’t revealed the RG35XX SP’s pricing or release date yet but following the company’s pattern for dropping handhelds, we can expect a full spec sheet and a timeline in the coming days. If the RG35XX SP does pack the same internals as its siblings, we’re guessing Anbernic will price it between the $64 RG35XX Plus and the $68 RG35XX H. We do know that the RG35XX SP will come in four colors: the classic metallic silver, a gray inspired by the OG Gameboy, and transparent black and blue.

If you’re looking to buy an Anbernic RG35XX model and aren’t sure of which to choose between, it may be better to wait for this clamshell’s product page so you can make a more informed decision. Considering how fast the handheld maker puts out its products after the initial reveal, we expect the RG35XX SP to be ready sometime in May or June.

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