A New Game Boy-Inspired Handheld That Can Play Dreamcast, DS, and PSP Games Is Coming

Anbernic’s popular RG35XX is getting a new model soon.

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Handheld maker Anbernic is milking its popular RG35XX emulator for all its worth. The company has announced an “RG35XX 2024” model with upgraded specs. If the original RG35XX or the recently released RG35XX Plus or horizontal RG35XX H didn’t whet your appetite for getting into the retro handheld hobby, maybe this new, potentially more affordable one might.

According to a post on X from Retro Game Corps, one of the largest YouTube channels covering and reviewing retro handhelds and game systems, Anbernic told them the RG35XX 2024 will be a somewhat stripped-down version of the RG35XX Plus. (Update: the RG35XX 2024 product page is live and the handheld is indeed a watered-down RG35XX Plus.)

RG35XX 2024 Handheld Features

The RG35XX 2024 reportedly has the same CPU and RAM as the RG35XX Plus (pictured).


The RG35XX 2024 has the same CPU as the RG35XX Plus: a 1.5GHz H7000 quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU. The GPU is the same dual-core G31 MP2. The handheld also has the same 1GB of LPDDR4 RAM as the RG35XX Plus. There are two models: single microSD and dual microSD card. Anbernic’s website sells the RG35XX 2024 with 64GB microSD cards and a variant with an additional 128GB memory card.

With the same CPU and RAM as the RG35XX Plus, the RG35XX 2024 is capable of emulating retro game consoles such as the PSP, Nintendo DS, and Dreamcast without any real issues.

The reported battery in the RG35XX 2024 was also correct: It has a 2,600mAh battery compared to the 3,300mAh battery in the RG35XX Plus/H. Eagle-eyed handheld enthusiasts will notice the battery is the same size as the one in the original RG35XX.

Also confirmed, and originally shared by Retro Game Corps, the RG35XX 2024 doesn’t have Wi-Fi, though it does have Bluetooth. That might be a dealbreaker for some users who rely on it for playing multiplayer, streaming to a PC using Anbernic’s Moonlight Streaming feature, or using custom firmware that supports wireless connections.

Same Price As the Original RG35XX

Retro Game Corps published a review of the RG35XX 2024 and called it “pointless” and it “appears to be a halfhearted attempt to clear out old stock, at the expense of its buyers.” Ouch.

At least the price of the RG35XX 2024 is affordable: the same $49.99 MSRP as the original and slower RG35XX handheld. Just so you know: the RG35XX starts at $49.99 (discounted to $45.99 at the time of this publishing), the RG35XX Plus starts at $63.99 (currently $58.99) and the RG35XX H starts at $67.99 ($61.99 discounted right now).

The RG35XX 2024 is available in a black transparent shell, a white transparent model, a gray that’s clearly inspired by the original Game Boy (DMG), and a transparent purple.

Anbernic clearly wants to cover all price ranges. Are there too many RG35XX models now? It’s starting to feel that way, but the retro handheld scene moves very fast. Retroid is always nipping at Anbernic’s heels. These boutique companies are basically filling price gaps based on available parts that can be mashed together into a new model. At the very least, consumers win with cheaper handhelds.

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