This Game Boy Advance SP-Inspired Handheld has Dual Joysticks and Plays PS1 Games

Clamshell handhelds are back on the menu.

A refurbished Game Boy Advance SP in blue
The Game Boy Museum / Etsy

The modern-day Game Boy Advance SP is almost here.

A recent teaser video showed off the Miyoo Mini Flip’s design and OS, claiming the clamshell handheld is in its final testing stage. The design leaked a few months ago on Reddit and attracted attention from the retro handheld community, but it seems like we’re finally nearing an official announcement.

It’s hard to resist a portable clamshell gaming handheld, especially one that reminds us so much of the beloved Game Boy Advance SP. Considering the success of Miyoo’s previous handhelds, we’re hoping the Mini Flip lands as another budget handheld that’s great for emulating retro games.

Getting the Hinge Right

We don’t have any specs to go off of, but the video reveals a lot about the Mini Flip’s design. Interestingly, Miyoo is going with two joysticks for its clamshell handheld whereas the Game Boy Advance SP had mostly empty space. Rumors suggest that the Mini Flip will be able to run PlayStation 1 titles since its predecessors could, which makes more sense for the inclusion of joysticks.

Leaks have also speculated that the Mini Flip’s display will at least match the Mini Plus’ 3.5-inch display, which translates to a 640 x 480 resolution. We’re still not sure of the Mini Flip’s processor or battery life, but Miyoo went with the standard button layout with a D-pad, ABXY buttons, start and select buttons, and shoulder and trigger buttons on the back.

Unlike its other handhelds, the success of the Mini Flip hinges (pun intended) on the hinge’s design. We’ve already seen other retro clamshell handhelds come and go, like the Retroid Pocket Flip which often saw its hinges snap and was ultimately discontinued.

There’s no way Nintendo would let a Pikachu-themed Mini Flip slide, but these are just early leaked renders.

u/itchyd / Reddit

Just How Soon?

Miyoo has pushed back release dates with its previous handhelds in the past, so there’s no need to mark your calendar for the Mini Flip. The company hasn’t officially given a release date for the clamshell handheld yet but the final design suggests we’re getting close to an official announcement. According to the unofficial news account, the clamshell device is expected to ship after the reported April release of the Miyoo A30 that’s modeled after the Game Boy Micro.

Similarly, we don’t have any indication of the Miyoo Mini Flip’s pricing, but we don’t expect it to get anywhere close to $100. Considering the popular Mini and Mini Plus devices are around $50 to $60, the Miyoo Mini Flip might see a slight price increase if the handheld maker opts for a better processor. Still, it’s much cheaper than trying to buy an original Game Boy Advance SP in working condition.

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