Anbernic’s RG Cube Has a Screen Like No Other Gaming Handheld

This is the first time we're seeing a perfectly square touchscreen display.

Leaked image of Anbernic RG Cube
Joey's Retro Handhelds / X

To no one’s surprise, Anbernic is already working on another handheld after having just revealed its RG35XX SP in a clamshell form factor. Staying on the theme of unique form factors, Anbernic looks to be working on what could be called the RG Cube if a video leaked by Nittrx is any indication.

It may not be officially announced, but the RG Cube represents a unique design since there aren’t any retro handhelds out there with a perfectly square display and touchscreen capabilities. We’ve already seen square displays with PowKiddy’s latest RGB20SX and its RGB30 and there are plenty of higher-end handhelds with touchscreens, but never one that combines both.

The RG Cube may have a touchscreen for its square display.

Nittrx / YouTube

Modern Chip With an Old-School Display

We should exercise some skepticism here since all of this info surrounding the so-called RG Cube hasn’t been confirmed. Still, the video from Nittrx mentions a 720 x 720 resolution for a square display that looks about four inches wide. More importantly, the video demos touchscreen capabilities, which could be a huge selling point for those looking to emulate Nintendo DS or 3DS titles.

The leaks point out that the RG Cube will use the same Unisoc T820 processor as one of Anbernic’s more premium models, the RG556 which can play up to PlayStation 2 and GameCube games. If all of this turns out to be true, the RG Cube could have a serious identity crisis on its hands. On one hand, the 1:1 aspect ratio will be better suited for older Game Boy games, which run at 10:9, and old-school arcade games that are vertically oriented. On the other, this processor packs more than enough power for those retro games and can run more modern console titles that are more often played in a 4:3 or 16:9 widescreen ratio.

Another leaked image of the RG Cube shows off a white and purple colorway.

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On the Pricier Side?

With a chipset that we’ve seen before from Anbernic, we’re expecting the RG Cube to be one of the more expensive handhelds in its product lineup. Still, it doesn’t share the RG556’s 5.5-inch display, so we likely won’t have to pay as much as the $185 starting price for Anbernic’s premium option.

The leaked images and video look like Anbernic is nearing completion for the RG Cube. There’s no official price or release date yet, but knowing how fast the handheld maker pumps out new devices, the RG Cube could come out as early as sometime this summer.

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