This Game Boy Clone Plays PS1 and Nintendo DS Games on a Perfectly Square Screen

PowKiddy's TikTok-famous retro handheld now has a follow-up.

PowKiddy RGB20SX

The TikTok-famous retro handheld from PowKiddy just got a big upgrade.

The handheld maker revealed its latest RGB20SX handheld, which follows up on the major success of the RGB20S — the retro handheld was previously leaked on Instagram showing off a new button layout, but now it’s officially up for preorder.

There are some key differences compared to what was leaked, but the square display turned out to be accurate. That means you should get a closer resemblance to the original 10:9 aspect ratio of the Game Boy and the Game Boy Color when playing the RGB20SX. Of course, the 1:1 aspect ratio may take a little getting used to on more recent games, but it should feel right at home playing any of the iconic Game Boy titles.

PowKiddy made some crucial tweaks with its new RGB20SX handheld.


Major Upgrades

PowKiddy upgraded the RGB20SX with a Rockchip RK3566 processor, which is also found on its popular RGB30 model that’s in a horizontal layout. The improved chip means the new handheld can handle up to PlayStation 1 and Nintendo DS games. The RGB20SX will have just 1GB of memory, but two TF card slots for up to 256GB of storage.

On the outside, the RGB20SX gets a larger four-inch display that’s a perfect square with a 720 x 720 resolution. For better ergonomics, PowKiddy swapped the position of the joysticks and the buttons, but it still follows the traditional layout of dual joysticks, four buttons, start and select buttons, four shoulder triggers, a D-pad, and a function button.

With a larger 5,000 mAh battery, you’ll get more playtime with the RGB20SX compared to its predecessor. PowKiddy says the battery allows for 10 hours of playtime before you need to recharge through the device’s USB-C port, which takes 2.5 hours for a full charge. The RGB20SX now has Bluetooth, but it still has Wi-Fi compatibility and a 3.5mm audio jack like the previous model.

PowKiddy even upgraded the colorways to include plenty of transparent options.


Joining the Transparent Craze

Unlike what the leak specified, PowKiddy is going with yellow, transparent white, transparent black, and transparent blue for the RGB20SX’s colorways. One of the previously leaked colorways came close to the yellow version, but the see-through options are a welcome surprise considering the resemblance to the Game Boy Color.

PowKiddy has set the preorder price for the RGB20SX at $89.99 but is offering another discount of $20 on top of that for a limited time. That’s more expensive than the RGB20S, but the new handheld comes with much-needed upgrades. PowKiddy says deliveries of the RGB20SX could start before May 10.

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