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Sunday scaries

Covid-19: What Americans can do to protect their lungs, according to a top expert

Should you wear a mask? The chief medical officer of the American Lung Association explains.

Retrain your brain

Anxiety from the news: A psychologist explains how to cope with it in 2020

Coping with stress caused by the news cycle is manageable if we know how to address it.

Mind and Body

This Hotline Is Designed to Help Farmers Not Just Make a Living, but Live Well

"Midway through the season, I started to wonder how farmers managed to keep going, day after day, season after season."

Shut down stress & anxiety
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Dating while anxious: How you can protect your heart in a positive way

One of the best ways to achieve self-growth is by choosing to be with others.

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Is there a "Goldilocks Zone" for CBD? What one study showed is promising

When it comes to anxiety and trauma, CBD might help. How much is what's debated.

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Break Your Anxiety Cycle With This "Vigilant" Method

"If we can’t figure out what the problem is, we can become more anxious in the process."


Researchers Prove That What You're Worried About Isn't Likely to Come True

"Worry sucks the joy out of the ‘here and now’ to prevent an unrealistic ‘then and there.’"

The science of self-care
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3 factors can determine if your tears are a "good cry"

People feel catharsis after crying, but scientists have trouble proving why.

Go with the flow

Take a break from pandemic stress and meditate with the Monterey Bay Aquarium

“The tide still comes and goes, the jellies keep on drifting, and the fish keep swimming.”

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The 4 Principles of Self-Care Can Change Your Life

Self-care lowers the risk for depression, burnout, and trauma.

Making a living
Sunday Scaries

Psychologists say it’s time to rethink the “mental health day”

There are two steps that companies can take to help their employees' mental health.

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The Mental Cost of Emotional Labor

“The research is pretty clear that surface acting is almost always bad for you."

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How to navigate talking about mental health at work

Employees are increasingly interested in mental health support at work. Workplaces aren't so sure.

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How to Bounce Back at Work After a Long Holiday Weekend

The morning before you’re supposed to be back on the job, start to think about work again.

Sweet dreams
Sunday Scaries

Sleep and Covid-19: Experts offer 7 tips for not feeling so exhausted

“Mood and sleep are very tightly interwoven and difficult to tease apart.”

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4 Tips to Get to Sleep Earlier

Here's how "night owls" were able to shift their internal clock by two hours.

Find the type of therapy that works for you
Personality factors
Sunday scaries

Why one popular personality test is "pseudoscientific at best"

What experts in the study of personality say about the enneagram test.

Sunday scaries

Brain scans reveal a critical link between binge drinking and empathy

Data shows binge-drinkers need to work harder to feel empathy for other people in pain.

Sunday scaries

3 study-backed ways to increase self-compassion and fight FOMO

New research argues FOMO is not necessarily a social media-specific problem or only an issue for young people.

Sunday scaries

One advantageous way humans are more like dogs than Neanderthals

In "Survival of the Friendliest" researchers explain why friendliness is the secret to our success.


Why Humor Is So Effective as a Coping Strategy After Tragedy

“The things that are bad in our life can also be good fodder for comedy."

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Spotify Wrapped: What your favorite music says about your personality

"Music is a form of language. It’s a part of human evolution, and it’s deeply embedded into our brains.”

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Perfectionism Is Becoming More Common, but Experts Have Found a Way Out

"By noticing the perfectionism is getting in the way, we weaken the power of perfectionism."

Sunday Scaries

How to help communities handle COVID-19 beyond social distancing

Despite the need to stay apart, these online resources make it easy to help.

Sunday Scaries

Super Tuesday: What each leading Dem says about mental health

Compare and contrast the mental health plans of the leading Democratic candidates.

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It's Easier to Regulate Your Emotions With This Type of Self-Talk

“Positive self-talk can be used to encourage or reinforce our daily or long-term behavioral, cognitive, and emotional goals."

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Experts Reveal How to Overcome the Emotional Toll of Clutter With Organization

"We found that emotional exhaustion can leave a person feeling drained and overwhelmed."

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How to use "WOOP" to make your wishes come true

"It’s similar to a bicycle: You can learn the skill of riding a bike, but where you go is up to you."

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As Seasons Change, Psychologists Say It's Important to Savor the Moment

"Instead of planning the next exciting chapter of my life, I try to enjoy the one I’m currently living.”