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A chill series for not-chill people.

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Sunday Scaries

A TikTok famous burnout coach reveals 1 essential strategy for recovery

"Tiny betrayals of purpose" eventually lead to burnout.

Sunday Scaries

A psychologist explains why one unexpected upside of worry is perfect for 2020

Why a feeling with a bad reputation is actually “useful in small amounts."

Sunday scaries

Covid-19: What Americans can do to protect their lungs, according to a top expert

Should you wear a mask? The chief medical officer of the American Lung Association explains.

Sunday scaries

Psychologists answer 4 important questions for couples self-quarantining

"Don’t feel obligated to do everything together."

Sunday Scaries

As people socially distance, an emotional support app sees a boost in listeners

Meet HearMe.

Mind and Body

How to deal with COVID-19 anxiety, according to a psychologist

"Perception of uncertainty can lead to productive problem-solving."

Retrain your brain

Anxiety from the news: A psychologist explains how to cope with it in 2020

Coping with stress caused by the news cycle is manageable if we know how to address it.

Mind and Body

Cherry Rose Tan: Why she's fighting for mental health in the tech industry

"One of the most frequent topics that comes up is loneliness."

Mind and Body

Meet the coloring book-creating psychiatrist serving the under-and-uninsured

It's all about the "Pursuit of Capyness."

Mind and Body

The difference between SAD and the winter blues comes down to 1 factor

As of now, three treatment options are the best for SAD.

Mind and Body

2 tips for easing anxiety from the "Lisa Frank" of mental health art

Kate Allan combines whimsy with keeping it real.

Mind and Body

A therapist explains why gardening can be a tool for stronger mental health

"I’ve always wanted to make gardening a prescribed therapy."

Shut down stress & anxiety
One year later

Use these handy coping mechanisms to help you return to normal life

Sunday Scaries

Relieve Zoom stress with 1 easy change to your routine

Sunday Scaries

Brain study reveals what happens when fears take hold

New research suggests early interventions can help prevent fear from progressing into anxiety.

Sunday Scaries

Scientists reveal a fascinating link between the immune system and anxiety

The immune system affects the mind and body.

Mind and Body

Coronavirus masks have an unintended effect on socially anxious people

For some, coronavirus masks are surprisingly helpful for curbing social anxiety. Experts, however, share some warnings.

Sunday scaries

Can stress cause fever? The perplexing science of your internal state

Why stress can be linked to a change in body temperature.

Sunday scaries

Scientists explain why stress can age you on a cellular level

A telomere study exemplifies why mental health is simply health.

Blank page

To manage coronavirus stress, experiment with a tried-and-true strategy

Expressive writing can benefit both physical and mental health.

Sunday Scaries

Psychologists recommend combining 2 strategies to combat daily stress

The key is to balance "plans for the future with living in the moment.”

Mind and Body

One easy choice can help anxious people manage their worries -- study

It's time to offload.

Mind and Body

Dating while anxious: How you can protect your heart in a positive way

One of the best ways to achieve self-growth is by choosing to be with others.

Mind and Body

Is there a "Goldilocks Zone" for CBD? What one study showed is promising

When it comes to anxiety and trauma, CBD might help. How much is what's debated.

The science of self-care
Sunday Scaries

Fidgeters, rejoice: Why the vice is actually good for the brain

One unpopular vice is actually helpful for concentration, scientists say.

Sunday Scaries

2 mental health practices may give the Covid-19 vaccine a boost

Researchers say poor mental health can influence the body’s immunological response.

Sunday Scaries

Psychologists explain how to spend Thanksgiving alone — and enjoy it

Being alone is very different from being lonely.

Sunday scaries

How body image is linked to your 5 senses

Manipulating the senses could pave the way toward better body image.

Sunday Scaries

Owning a pet during coronavirus has a "buffering" effect on mental health

Pet owners aren't surprised by new research on animal-human bonds and coronavirus lockdowns.

Sunday Scaries

The 1 step you can take to protect your mental health from politics

The action most critical to the political process is a mental health outlier.

Sunday scaries

Daydreaming can help you — if you do it right

The science and benefits of daydreaming explained.

Sunday scaries

Why coronavirus is making us angry, and what to do about it

Experts advise on what to do with your Covid-19 anger.


Powerful mental health tips for LGBTQ individuals and their allies

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to mental health hurdles, mental health professionals can offer some advice.

Mind and Body

3 factors can determine if your tears are a "good cry"

People feel catharsis after crying, but scientists have trouble proving why.

Go with the flow

Take a break from pandemic stress and meditate with the Monterey Bay Aquarium

“The tide still comes and goes, the jellies keep on drifting, and the fish keep swimming.”

Be well

Emotions and the immune system: Why the two are crucially connected

Want to strengthen your immune system? Consider your feelings.

Personality factors
Sunday Scaries

Brain implant study explains the neuroscience of patience

Scientists find serotonin influences specific areas of the brain to promote patient behavior.

Sunday scaries

Why one popular personality test is "pseudoscientific at best"

What experts in the study of personality say about the enneagram test.

Sunday scaries

Brain scans reveal a critical link between binge drinking and empathy

Data shows binge-drinkers need to work harder to feel empathy for other people in pain.

Sunday scaries

3 study-backed ways to increase self-compassion and fight FOMO

New research argues FOMO is not necessarily a social media-specific problem or only an issue for young people.

The new normal

An unexpected trait can help certain people adjust to our 'new normal'

Recent research explores the "psychological immune system."

Sunday scaries

One advantageous way humans are more like dogs than Neanderthals

In "Survival of the Friendliest" researchers explain why friendliness is the secret to our success.

Sunday Scaries

Why scientists want you to realize that being sensitive is a good thing

"Society desperately needs people with these skills."


Why Humor Is So Effective as a Coping Strategy After Tragedy

“The things that are bad in our life can also be good fodder for comedy."

Mind and Body

Spotify Wrapped: What your favorite music says about your personality

"Music is a form of language. It’s a part of human evolution, and it’s deeply embedded into our brains.”

Mind and Body

Gratitude is more than a feeling, it's a hack for better physical health

"This small intervention changed his life."

Mind and Body

Perfectionism Is Becoming More Common, but Experts Have Found a Way Out

"By noticing the perfectionism is getting in the way, we weaken the power of perfectionism."

Sunday Scaries

2 critical emotional states are influenced by gut health — study

New research takes the concept of a "gut feeling" to a whole other level.

Sunday Scaries

Why daylight saving time can make your brain bloom

Scientists examine the effect of sunlight on the brain’s opioid system.

Sunday Scaries

There are two ways of using social media — and one is actually good for you

This form of usage "elicits positive feedback from others, social interactions, and even social support."

Sunday Scaries

If an activity does these 2 things, it could help your brain combat quarantine

Tasks that prompt the mental state of flow can sustain well-being, study finds.

Sunday scaries

Covid-19: This simple act is the most patriotic thing you can do right now

Experts explain what it will take to convince anti-mask people to cover up.

Sunday scaries

Why experts say you should feel good about playing video games in quarantine

Itching to try Animal Crossing? Now is the time to play.

Sunday Scaries

How to help communities handle COVID-19 beyond social distancing

Despite the need to stay apart, these online resources make it easy to help.

Sunday Scaries

Super Tuesday: What each leading Dem says about mental health

Compare and contrast the mental health plans of the leading Democratic candidates.

Flatten the curve

Social distancing: What it means and why it’s important to you

Pre-emptive action is necessary to keep COVID-19 cases from increasing.

Sunday Scaries

It is easier to be "present" if you can master this one cognitive technique

Research indicates practicing to be more present will leave you better off.

Sunday Scaries

Polarization study points to the 1 technique to use in a political debate

What drives misinformation is also a powerful political tool.

Mind and Body

It's Easier to Regulate Your Emotions With This Type of Self-Talk

“Positive self-talk can be used to encourage or reinforce our daily or long-term behavioral, cognitive, and emotional goals."