Elana Spivack

Elana Spivack reports on science and health for Inverse from New York City. Other bylines include Popular Science, Lady Science, BitchMedia, and more. Elana has a Masters in Journalism from NYU Science Health Environmental Reporting Program. When not reporting, she contributes satire to McSweeney's, Reductress, and others. You can find her published work at elanaspivack.com and her tweets under @elanaspivack.

Climate crisis

The world's most vital forests are dying at twice the rate they did 35 years ago — study

Evidence shows that tree mortality has doubled in the last 35 years in Australian tropical forests, which could result in forests becoming carbon sources one day.

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Does smoked meat cause cancer? A dietitian assesses the damage

Your BBQ could come with a side of P.A.H.s and H.C.A.s.

Heat wave
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Watch this robot jump the height of a 10-story building

It could inspire the next generation of extraterrestrial rovers.

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Cold blooded
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Biologists have cracked the ‘long-standing mystery’ of egg mimicking in birds

Or, how to trick someone else into raising your kids (according to birds).


The pandemic’s first year impeded S.T.D. screening, a new CDC report says

The report “reflects the realities of a strained public health infrastructure.”

Bird flu
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One apocalyptic weather combination could happen twice as often by 2100 — study

“Wildfires are going to continue to increase in the future, and so is rainfall.”


Poop transplants could be used to treat peanut allergies — study

Fecal microbiota therapy shows early promise as a treatment for the potentially life-threatening allergy.