Elana Spivack

Elana Spivack reports on science and health for Inverse from New York City. Other bylines include Scientific American, Popular Science, and more. Elana has a Masters in Journalism from NYU Science Health Environmental Reporting Program. When not reporting, she contributes satire to McSweeney's, Reductress, and others. You can find her published work at elanaspivack.com and her tweets under @elanaspivack.


Bottlenose Dolphins Possess a Shocking Sense, New Study Confirms

These beloved marine mammals can sense electric fields in the water.


Marsquakes reveal the ultra metal nature of the Red Planet's core

NASA Mars InSight researchers confirmed this year that Mars has a liquid metal core like Earth, which could be the source of Marsquakes that shake the Red Planet.

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Pet Science

Why Is My Cat Staring At Nothing? Inside Your Cat's Unsettling, Blank Gaze

It may look like your favorite feline is zoning out, but there's more going on than our human senses even realize.


When Is the “Right” Time To Eat Thanksgiving Dinner? An Endocrinologist Reveals the Inconvenient Answer

Heavy-duty eating has an effect on both our brains and our bodies.


Bat Sex Is Vastly Different from Other Mammals, Researchers Discover

We know a little bit more about bat sexy time.


3 Backwards Sleep Science “Hacks” That Can Help Cure Your Insomnia

Two sleep experts reveal what it really takes to get a good night’s rest.

Pet science

Should I Leave the Lights on For My Pet? A Veterinarian Reveals the Unwanted Answer

There’s just something about leaving your beloved animals in a dark, empty house that feels wrong.


This New “Robot” Pill Can Track Your Heart Rate And Knows If You Stop Breathing

A group of researchers published the results of the first in-human trial of a vitals-monitoring pill.


Does Ashwagandha Actually Help Relieve Stress? What the Popular Supplement Can — and Can’t — Do

Ashwagandha’s role in stress relief is still not fully understood despite its ever-increasing popularity.

Reel Science

Nicolas Cage's Trippy New Sci-Fi Movie Uncovers a Weird Field of Dream Science

Dream Scenario is just a dream, but there’s real psychology at its core.

Pet science

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Cat Milk

Don’t take your cue from The Aristocats.


Sticking To These 8 Health Rules Slows Biological Aging, New Study Reveals

Protecting your cardiovascular system also slows the aging process.


Do Dreams Make Your Sleep Quality Worse? A Psychologist Demystifies Our Slumber

Ideally, sleep should not be a stressful activity.


Staying Up All Night Rewires Our Brains — This Could Be Key To Solving Mental Health Conditions

What happens in the brains of mice when they stay up all night could help us better understand mood and other psychological conditions.

Pet Science

Can You Learn to Meow Like Your Cat? Yes and No, According to an Animal Behavioralist

Just stick to treats.


Could A Bizarre Sleep Routine Practiced By Early Humans Be Key To A Good Night’s Rest?

Intermittent sleep may seem like a good way to boost productivity. Here’s what sleep researchers think.


Wild Chimps Observed to Reach Menopause for the First Time

But we still don’t know why menopause evolved as a selected trait.


Does Cannabis Actually Help With Sleep? Experts Say It Isn’t Risk-Free

We’re still a long way from fully understanding how weed impacts our sleep.

Pet Science

A Dog Park Might Not Be the Best Option For Your Pup, According To Vets

If you do go to the dog park, leave little Pierogi’s favorite toy home.


What Happens to Your Body When You Eat an All-Meat Diet?

The no-plants meal plan takes a toll.