Gregory Wakeman

Raised in Lancashire but now based in the US, Gregory Wakeman has written for the BBC, New York Times, GQ, and Yahoo Movies UK, all while defiantly trying to keep his accent.


10 years ago, Christopher Nolan’s most divisive Batman movie changed Hollywood forever

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“It was more original and cutting edge, and Arnold was the centerpiece of it all.”

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Spider-Man changed how superhero movies were made. Two decades later, is it time for another shakeup?

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How 'Fast Five' invented the cinematic universe before Marvel — and saved the Rock's career

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'Stowaway' Netflix review: A unique space movie with a disappointing ending

Featuring an all-star cast and pitch perfect direction, 'Stowaway' feels like a different kind of space movie. Watch it not on Netflix.

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How George Lucas's biggest failure saved American sci-fi movies

Inverse spoke to the people behind 1971's sci-fi cult classic 'THX 1138' to get the untold story of George Lucas's first science fiction movie.