Gem Seddon

Gem is a freelance writer from the UK now based in the Pacific Northwest. She has written for various online outlets including Total Film, GamesRadar+, and We Got This Covered.


Why a Jessica Jones-Supergirl Crossover Needs to Happen

A world where Jessica Jones and Supergirl fight side-by-side is impossible. That's why it's so damn enticing.


Predictions for 'Minority Report' Season 2

The future of 'Minority Report' should be focused on the precogs, and not procedural nonsense.


'Logan's Run' Would Make For a Terrible YA Film Franchise

No matter how much producers want it to be, it's not the next 'Hunger Games.'


Why a TV Show's Director Matters

In the Golden Age of Television, does the person behind the camera hold the same power as their cinematic equivalent?


'Supergirl' Finally Had a Super-Fucking-Moment

The loveliest superhero on TV loses her cool. It's awesome.


The Marvel Universe Needs to Get Dark 

Marvel's small screen heroes are leading its big screen do-gooders into the future. If they'll listen.


The 12 'X-Files' Episodes to Watch Before the New Season Debuts

Completism isn't required, but a bit of a refresher on Mulder and Scully is a good idea.


Michael Biehn Says 'Alien 5' Is Still Happening. Here's Everything We Know.

Corporal Hicks says that Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 is coming, and reveals what we can expect when it does.


'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2' Did Not Succumb to Blockbuster Fatigue

'Vanity Fair' writer John Lopez argues an audience exhausted by mega-movies is the reason for its less-than-expected weekend box office. He's wrong.


Get Into the Thanksgiving Spirit With These 5 Movie Dinner Scenes

Seriously, you're gonna want to make a timpano.


'Scare PewDiePie:' Derren Brown Already Did It, Bro

The new YouTube Red series promises to be part-prank show, part suspense adventure, a concept explored ten years ago by a television hypnotist.


Who Should Play "Captain Marvel"?

Marvel's first female-driven superhero movie seeks a strong lead. What's the likelihood of one of this bunch tackling the part of Carol Danvers? 


Why Is Dark Horse Planning to Revive Its 'Aliens' Comic Again?

Dark Horse plans to release its original six-issue arc in its intended form. Bully!


Why the 'Snowpiercer' TV Show Could Be Brilliant

A train barreling through the snowy apocalypse will make for fantastic television. 


Why You Should Read 'Bazaar of Bad Dreams' and Stephen King's Other Recent Work

The master of doorstopper horror has more up his sleeve.


When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Limoncello

Don't settle for overpriced store-bought swill: Whip up this classic Italian liqueur at home.


How Much Is This Pile of Old Comic Books Worth?

What I learned about collectables when I priced a trove of potential classics.


'Supergirl' Would Be Better Off Without Superman

Supergirl can tussle perfectly fine without her cousin.


What Negan's Introduction Might Mean for Glenn On 'The Walking Dead'

The comic book baddie is on his way, with his baseball bat ready to issue a beating. So what does this spell for Rick's survivors?


What We Know So Far About 'Victor Frankenstein'

Mary Shelley who?