Why a Jessica Jones-Supergirl Crossover Needs to Happen

A world where Jessica Jones and Supergirl fight side-by-side is impossible. That's why it's so damn enticing.

Jessica Jones is great. Supergirl is great. Two different shows about female superheroes are both a success — What a time to be alive! There’s no point picking sides on who is “better” because female superheroes are in such short supply we need to be supporting their existence. Not trying to pit them against one another.

Unless they crossover.

The thought of Jessica and Kara sharing the screen — big or small, I’m not fussy — gives me tingles. It throws up so many questions. There’s the obvious: how would that even be possible when the properties are owned by two rival companies? To that I say, make history first, deal with legalities later.

If this did somehow go down, how would it be presented? Best bet would be an episode on either show in a few seasons’ time. Batman, Superman, Ironman, and Captain America have had years to let their individual outings take root in public memory. Supergirl and Jessica, not so much, which means if we ever did get a crossover, it’d take a while for that same household recognition to justify it.

What intrigues me the most about this concept is style. Take a look at Arrow and The Flash. They crossover frequently, and happen to share a similar aesthetic and world. They also share a network, making the whole prospect easier. But, you know, wevs, Marvel and DC have put aside their differences before. They can do it again.

And that’s what most excites me: are Jessica and Kara’s distinct personas a product of their respective TV worlds? If so, what would happen to the wry Jones if she were transplanted into the pastel abode of Miss Danvers? Get hammered and break a priceless family heirloom, probably. Now that we’ve seen the simmering truth beneath her sunshine demeanor, Kara might find herself more at ease in Jessica’s world. Free to cut loose and throw an intruder happily into a bookcase.

Jessica Jones provides a riskier foundation for both of them. How they deal with their demons and how they would deal with each other. Jessica’s a loner, disengaged from social niceties. If Kara showed up, it would take months to penetrate Jones’ protective shield. Would Supergirl be able to take it? Every time her boss calls her out, she becomes emotional. Whereas Supergirl offers the pair the exact opposite. The restraint of its family-friendly timeslot rules out Jessica’s R-rated behavior, and would nurture Kara’s.

I’d pick Alias Investigations as the location of their first meeting. I want to see whose head gets smashed through the glass door first.

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