Ethan Jacobs

Ethan is a freelance culture writer living in Brooklyn. His writing appears in Stereogum, Noisey, and The Big Takeover, and elsewhere. Originally from Los Angeles, he loves cats, ketchup, and Madonna.


5 Chrome Extensions to Block the Presidential Election Madness

Poop emoji is up in the polls.


Billy Bush Has Always Been a Fuckboi

Just in case there was any confusion. 


Logo TV Censors Itself on National Coming Out Day

Because everyone can be proud, but not everyone can be proud publicly.


Google's Guest of Honor Ezekiel Mutua Is a Raging Homophobe

Mutua is in charge of making sure broadcasted content in Kenya aligns with the country's homophobic values. 


Space Is Now Gay AF

Nonprofit LGBTQ organization Planting Peace launched a Pride flag into outer space. 


CamSoda's Performer Data Predicts the Presidential Election

CamSoda has predicted voter outcome in swing states based on the popularity of certain cam models.


How We Talk About Men Having Babies With Men

Scientists may have discovered a way for men to reproduce without a woman's egg. Coverage has been baffling.


Tinder Researchers Have Quantified Your Issue

"Sometimes we forget that dating is not an individual activity but a social one."


GaymerX's Growth Play: Fun Before Politics

The queer gaming convention seeks to celebrate queer fandom in friendly environments.


'Out' Magazine's Milo Yiannopoulos Cover is a Huge Betrayal

The famous internet troll shouldn't be on any magazine, let alone an LGBT advocacy one.


LSD Legalization Activists Savor a Rare Win

Obama's recent commutation of a Dead Head's life sentence for selling LSD has ignited a different legalization debate.


The Internet Is Stoked for Chelsea Manning

Officials have agreed to provide Manning, a former soldier imprisoned under the Espionage Act, with gender transition surgery.


Apple's iPhone 7 Keynote Made People Horny 

Pornhub experienced a dip in worldwide iOS traffic during Apple's keynote, but a surge immediately thereafter.


"Payphone Funeral" Dials Up Nostalgia Before Hanging Up

Nick Smatt memorializes the pay phone.


5 Lessons Learned Listening to the Alt-Right's Most Popular Podcast

Hatred, intimidation, and an insatiable desire to be noticed fuels the alt-right ideology. 


Silver Pants Are the High-Tech Chinos of Tomorrow

Dad pants are getting a major upgrade.


Young Thug Uses Genderfuck Ambiguity to Reinforce His Art

Whether or not it was his intention, Young Thug is becoming a boundary-breaking gender and sexuality spokesperson within the rap community.


5 Strange Accents Britney Spears Tries in 'Glory'

The immaculate ninth album from the iconic pop star features all her best accents and vocal tricks.


What is Neo Culture Technology? Not a Band!

Comprised of multiple subunits based around the globe, the male K-pop collective NCT has an unlimited number of members.


Here's Everything New on Netflix in September

Netflix is all about sharks in September.