Apple's iPhone 7 Keynote Made People Horny 

Pornhub experienced a dip in worldwide iOS traffic during Apple's keynote, but a surge immediately thereafter.

Getty Images/Stephen Lam

We learned a little something about porn-viewing priorities Wednesday, and all it took was Apple introducing the new iPhone 7. According to Pornhub Insights, worldwide iPhone and iPad traffic for the site – which boasts 60-million daily visits – significantly dropped during Apple’s presentation of the highly anticipated piece of technology.

Apparently, the iPhone 7 is rousing enough to warrant a pause in porn viewing across the globe.

During Apple’s presentation, there was a 9.5 percent dip in worldwide iPhone and iPad traffic, while traffic soared above the normal rate in the hours following the presentation. In addition, there was an 8.7 percent drop in visits from Safari browsers including desktop traffic during the presentation. Similarly to iPhone and iPad traffic, Safari traffic increased about six percent above normal levels in the hours following the presentation.

Moreover, it looks like an introduction to new Apple technology makes people pretty horny, as traffic rose above typical levels afterward:

Pornhub experienced a 9.5% drop in iPhone and iPad traffic during Apple's iPhone 7 keynote, and a surge immediately thereafter.

Pornhub Insights

Pornhub experienced a 8.7% decrease in Safari traffic during Apple's iPhone 7 keynote, and a surge immediately thereafter.

Pornhub Insights

Based on this data, it seems as though people were willing to reprioritize on the day of the big reveal. While they decided to take a break from watching porn to learn more about the new iPhone, a first glimpse at Apple’s new product apparently made them especially horny, accounting for the increased traffic in the hours immediately after the presentation. You can tell it’s 2016 when excitement surrounding new technology can be measured through gathering traffic statistics from an online porn-streaming service.

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