Emma Betuel

Emma is a writer based in NYC. Previously, she covered health and biology for WBUR’s Commonhealth blog and The Borgen Project Magazine. Last year, she spent too much time reading Darwin’s notes on pea plants. She recently started questioning the nature of her reality.
Not Sports
The improbable rise of competitive juggling means a new breathtaking sport
Emma Betuel
“Things are about to get real.”
Dream Teams
How volcano scientists are teaming up to stop the next big disaster
Emma Betuel
This time around, we might actually see it coming.
Vaccine news
Do Covid-19 vaccines work against new variants? Scientists explain
Emma Betuel
"I think this is one of the biggest advantages of the messenger RNA technology."
Rookie Year
Space archeologist Sarah Parcak on finding ancient cities — and your career
Emma Betuel
The world's foremost space archaeologist reveals why ego and empathy influence success.
Mind and Body
Korfball: How a 120-year-old sport changed how men and women compete
Emma Betuel
“If you're able to combine the strength of women and men in your team, then you really have the best opportunity.”
Dino derrière
Cloacal study gives a 'rare glimpse' into the sex lives of dinosaurs
Emma Betuel
An incredibly rare rear-end fossil shows two ways dinosaurs communicated .
Cheese please
Scientists tackle a curious food mystery — why so many people hate cheese
Emma Betuel
Cheese is a staple in Western cultures, but for some people it sparks disgust. The science of cheese haters suggests this isn't a weird reaction, it's common.
A proposal
The Case for a National Covid-19 Memorial Day on May 28
Emma Betuel
We have a tendency to forget how bad pandemics can be. Grief leadership can help us learn from Covid-19, and May 28 is an appropriate day to remember the lives lost.
Sweet Dreams
Why bad sleep can make you vulnerable to future stress — study
Emma Betuel
New research suggests fragmented sleep patterns contain a critical message.
Can we grow a heart? Stunning new scans offer clues
Emma Betuel
Stunning images of the developing heart could help us grow one from scratch.
Private Googles
Ejaculation study debunks a longstanding theory about the refractory period
Emma Betuel
One hormone was thought to explain why men have to take time off after an orgasm ( called the male refractory period). Now scientists aren't so sure.
Who let the dogs out
Skijoring: Where human and dog athletes work as one
Emma Betuel
A niche winter sport is a dream come true for skiing dog lovers.
Five incredible things we learned about the brain in 2020
Emma Betuel
This year neuroscience tackled stress, empathy, loneliness, consciousness, and death.
Rule breaker
One psychological factor illuminates why democracies struggle with Covid-19
Emma Betuel
A paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that "control aversion" may hinder Covid-19 policies.
To end the pandemic, the Covid-19 vaccine must clear one final obstacle
Emma Betuel
Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine may have won the endorsement of a panel of experts, but the public isn’t so sure.
Chilly Choices
Can you choose your Covid-19 vaccine? Why location will decide
Emma Betuel
"That's far and away what accounts for 99 percent of who's getting what."
Holiday Blues
Hangover science: 3 things to know before indulging in drinking
Emma Betuel
How to prepare yourself for a (virtual) holiday party hangover.
Silver linings
Coronavirus: 5 good habits formed during the pandemic
Emma Betuel
Lessons learned from a year full of catastrophe and change.
Alone Together
Brain scans reveal lonely people's minds are different in 3 ways
Emma Betuel
There’s a rich inner world inside every lonely mind.
Mind and Body
Pfizer vaccine: New decision means a critical population gets the shot
Emma Betuel
Pfizer updated their trial to allow placebo participants to get the coronavirus vaccine. While that changes the study, it solves ethical issues that undermine trust.