Emma Betuel

Emma is a writer based in NYC. Previously, she covered health and biology for WBUR’s Commonhealth blog and The Borgen Project Magazine. Last year, she spent too much time reading Darwin’s notes on pea plants. She recently started questioning the nature of her reality.
Guide to gratitude
A scientist explains 4 ways to kickstart gratitude
Emma Betuel
Gratitude is a practice. Here's how to get started.
Memorable Madness
Brain study shows why sports create especially powerful memories
Emma Betuel
Critical moments during the flow of the game become etched in our memories.
Count your blessings
Embracing 1 emotion could make 2020 feel less disastrous
Emma Betuel
How to reap the benefits of gratitude, without sugarcoating 2020.
Vaccine Season
The Oxford vaccine reveals 1 'provocative' finding other trials are missing
Emma Betuel
"The light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel."
Trippy Timeline
5 breakthroughs in the psychedelic renaissance
Emma Betuel
The reputation of psychedelics is shifting from drugs of abuse to medicine.
What to expect
Coronavirus vaccine side effects: Scientists explain what causes them
Emma Betuel
Why scientists aren't surprised by the side-effects of three promising vaccines.
Shot of Optimism
Pfizer coronavirus vaccine: 2 reasons it's good news for other vaccines
Emma Betuel
"I think it's the first time we can say there's a light at the end of the tunnel."
You rang?
The world’s first psychedelics hotline could help you work through a trip
Emma Betuel
The planned 24/7 hotline suggests a shift in attitude toward drugs.
Mind and Body
'Kingdom of women' study reveals the real cost of traditional gender roles
Emma Betuel
A study on the Mosuo, once called "the kingdom of women" shows that women fare far better in matrilineal societies and show fewer signs of chronic illness.
Future of Covid-19
Moderna vaccine: 3 key details forecast a brighter future
Emma Betuel
"The vaccine is really the light at the end of the tunnel."
Wasted time
Scientists took an overlooked process and created a quicker way to sober up
Emma Betuel
The liver does most of the work of clearing alcohol from the body. Scientists report one way to recruit another vital organ to help out.
Testing Troubles
When to get a coronavirus test: 3 things to know before traveling
Emma Betuel
Here's how to get the most out of your Covid-19 test.
U.S. Marines coronavirus study explains the science of asymptomatic spread
Emma Betuel
"This is a very infectious virus that requires a concerted effort to control transmission."
Not Sports
The quirky sport of cup stacking is surprisingly intense
Emma Betuel
How the best make it look like "juggling air."
Mind and Body
2020 election stress eating: Experts explain how to overhaul a bad diet
Emma Betuel
"I think that most people probably can sort of reset from last week without doing anything drastic."
Strange Sounds
How music rewards the brain
Emma Betuel
Music can decrease stress levels, influence creativity, and become tied to memories that define who we are.
Budding Change
2020 election: What a marijuana shift in America means for future science
Emma Betuel
"I think it tells us we can expect that this will happen."
Fauci Dispatch
3 Dr. Anthony Fauci quotes to remember on Election Day
Emma Betuel
Why the US needs an "abrupt change" in how we fight the pandemic.
QAnon merch: How masks legitimize the conspiracy theory — and enrich the sellers
Emma Betuel
The merch is the message.
Brain study pinpoints why music can literally give you the chills
Emma Betuel
Music's effect on the brain hints at an ancient "ancestral' function.