Emma Betuel

Emma is a writer based in NYC. Previously, she covered health and biology for WBUR’s Commonhealth blog and The Borgen Project Magazine. Last year, she spent too much time reading Darwin’s notes on pea plants. She recently started questioning the nature of her reality.
Beach Weekend
Covid-19 at the beach: 5 strategies to lower your risk
Emma Betuel
Even if the beach is open, there are extra precautions to take.
Not Sports
How Major League Wiffle Ball is turning a classic summer game into a sport
Emma Betuel
"I'd like to run Major League Wiffle Ball full time."
Flip the Switch
A trick to activating "anti-aging" proteins in worms could exist in humans, too
Emma Betuel
By activating one enzyme present in worm cells, scientists could extend a worm's life. The scientists also found that same enzyme in human cells.
Stunted Spread
BLM protests are having a counterintuitive effect on Covid-19 spread
Emma Betuel
Here's what a month of protests and a month of data have to say.
Catching Waves
Coronavirus second wave: Two signs the US never left wave one
Emma Betuel
The first wave of coronavirus never ended. Here's how scientists know.
It's not about you
Covid-19 & teens: Study explains why only some young people social distance
Emma Betuel
"It is likely becoming much more difficult to adhere to public health recommendations."
Mind and Body
6 images that sum up the last 6 months of coronavirus in the US
Emma Betuel
A refresher on the past 6 months of the pandemic, and what might come next.
Brain Wave
Covid-19 & the brain: Study reveals unique damage caused by the coronavirus
Emma Betuel
"Now we have a handle on the scale of the problem."
Sync Up
Sleeping with a partner affects your sleep cycle in one striking way – study
Emma Betuel
Sharing a bed may affect your relationship and your brain.
Not Sports
Shin-kicking: A game created to troll 17th-century puritans is still thriving
Emma Betuel
The Cotswold Olympick Games have existed for more than 400 years. A perennial favorite is shin-kicking. Inverse asked experts what makes a champion shin kicker.
Hive mind
How the internet will change our coronavirus memories
Emma Betuel
"We can see through Wikipedia the evolution of our understanding of this disease.”
Death grip
The Last of Us 2: The real science that inspired the zombie fungus
Emma Betuel
Cordyceps brain infection, the disease that has devastated the world in The Last of Us has roots in real-life fungi that can infect insects and control them.
Grim Research
Study identifies the top 10 experiences that increase death risk
Emma Betuel
It also tells a sad truth about who is most likely to live through one of those experiences.
i'll be there for you
Why ancient men had to evolve from carousers to doting dads — or die
Emma Betuel
History shows why the dads bead out the cads.
Bite me
Sharksploitation movies get 1 thing right that Jaws got wrong
Emma Betuel
Sharksploitation movies are "in on the joke," shark scientists say.
Not Sports: Riding runaway sheep teaches "cul de sac kids" a life lesson
Emma Betuel
The sport of mutton bustin' is simple: hang on to a stampeding sheep for dear life.
You just took a DNA test
Father's Day: 3 ways your dad's genes are influencing your life
Emma Betuel
Genetics studies reveal unexpected ways dad's genes influence their kids
Study: The timing of exercise could help reset a misaligned body clock
Emma Betuel
Exercising at certain times sends signals throughout the body.
Please Rise
Study reveals the time of day you're most likely to have bad sitting habits
Emma Betuel
During certain times of day, you're probably ignoring your smartwatch.
All the lonely people
The brains of lonely people reveal why you can feel alone in a crowded room
Emma Betuel
A newly identified pattern of brain activity could explain why lonely people feel so isolated.