Dylan Love

Dylan Love has been writing for the Internet in one form or another for something crazy like 10 years. Let's not worry too much about the exact number.


Psychedelics and Virtual Reality Make a Trendy but Illegal Therapy

Can it ever go mainstream?


The Most-Pirated Man in Porn Is Getting Angry

Adult film director Greg Lansky sends 50,000 takedown notices a month.


Casinos Are Making a Bet on Virtual Reality

What happens in your headset stays in your headset.


The World's Largest Star Wars Collection Is Stunning

Rancho Obi-Wan is home to 400,000 collectibles.


What It's Like to Drive a Car Through a 'Star Wars' Battle Scene

The world's first virtual reality car commercial is a total joyride.


We Ask A.I. to Analyze Taylor, Tim, And Trump

Robots can now psychologically profile humans.


'Mission Control' Shows NASA at Its Most Ambitious

In the 1960s, NASA was seemingly unstoppable.


Surf Through Space on Hubble

'Fistful of Stars' is a galactic trip.


The Bill Nye Documentary Is Pretty Good, Indeed

But its future isn't clear yet.


New Romancer: The Queen of 360-Degree Porn Shows Us Her Kingdom

"We want to create an immersive, empathetic experience."


Instant Translation Tech Spreads the Love

Language separates us, but it doesn't have to.


The Dumb A.I. of "Really Bad Chess" Will Teach Future Grandmasters

A provocative iPhone game alienates the world's chess snoots by design.


Michigan Jumps Into the Deep End of Autonomous Car Testing

New laws will allow for wide-open testing without a human in the car.


Sex Robots Want to Hear About Your Day

Abyss Creations is about to change "Dutch Wives" forever.


WTF is VK? On Its Tenth Birthday, "Russian Facebook" Is Still Vital

The English-speaking world is clueless about it.


Welcome to England, Here's Your Porn ID

A proposed law has huge implications for the digital rights of British citizens.


Inside the One Bot A.I. Rebellion From Hell

A two-person team gave Facebook and Intel a run for their money at the coolest A.I. competition ever.


The Loneliness of the Ethical Driverless Car

The government wants moral machines. The people want to watch Netflix from the driver's seat.


The Transhumanist Party's New Policy Proposal: Upgrade Trump

Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan won't get to debate. If he did, he'd encourage Donald to better himself with tech.


How to Get Advice From Watson, IBM's Famously Smart AI

A genius cognitive computer, here to help.