Dan Bean

Dan Bean is a writer and editor who covers technology and the internet — he even had a Twitter verification badge to prove it. His work has appeared on Inverse, Yahoo News, ABC News, CBS, and in your local Treasure Coast Florida newspaper.

Dan edits the blog for Mixpanel, a customer data analysis service. He is based in Oakland, California.


Google Beats Oracle in Court, Jury Finds Android Made "Fair Use" of Java API Code

Though it doesn't sound like the story is over.


Facebook, Microsoft to Build a 160Tbps Networking Cable Under the Atlantic Ocean

The plan isn't to create a super sick Spanish-American Halo LAN party.


Sad! Articles About Trump Get Fewer Clicks Than Articles About Clinton, Study Finds

"The media’s focus on Trump has not benefited either readers or publishers."


Twitter Expands 140 Limit, Destroys Excuses for Not Adding a GIF to Every Tweet

Freedom of expression.


Tesla Promises "Freedom" and "Much Less Pollution" in Chinese Model S Commercial

"It really is the perfect car," the video's English subtitle reads.


Elon Musk: First Hyperloop One Test Was a Success "Without Any Help From Me"

The very busy Tesla and SpaceX CEO is happy someone is building his Hyperloop.


Georgia Tech Professor Used IBM Watson A.I. as Online TA, Successfully Fooled Students

It was a course on A.I., and the virtual TA's name was Jill Watson; the clues were all there.


Facebook and Everybody Else: The Q1 Tech Company Earnings Reports, Power-Ranked!

Who brought it the hardest this quarter?


Craig Wright: I Don't "Have the Courage" to Prove I'm Bitcoin Creator, so "Goodbye"

The Australian scientist's website now redirects to an apology letter.


Intel CEO Picked to Help Regulate Drones, America's Growing Obsession

"The creation of the Drone Advisory Council -- an excellent step forward for our industry."


PayPal Augmented Reality Patent Puts Comparison Shopping Stats in Your Face

AR in everyday life is the answer.


Elon Musk Says Google's Larry Page Inspired Tesla Bioweapons Defense Mode

Hat tip.


Will Google's Self-Driving Car Be a Fiat?



Watch Apple's iPhone Robot, Liam, Kill Siri in This Dark Earth Day Video

"Oh dear."


Prince's "I am #Transformed" Tweet Gathers Retweets After Artist's Death

"I am #transformed."


Google Gets Supreme Court Support to Scan Millions of Books to the Internet

We get to keep our online, searchable book index.