Watch Apple's iPhone Robot, Liam, Kill Siri in This Dark Earth Day Video

"Oh dear."

Apple / YouTube

We now fully understand how ruthlessly pro-renewables Apple can be: In its second Earth Day video today, the company turns on its beloved Siri voice assistant in the name of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

At the open of the vid, an iPhone is conveyed in and picked up by Apple’s phone-recycling robot, Liam. As the handset is raised, Siri appears on its screen. Being the decidedly more sentient of the two machines – even if not sharply self-aware – Siri takes their meeting as an opportunity to ask, “What are you doing for Earth Day?” Liam is, of course, not programmed for small-talk but instead to efficiently disassemble iPhones and sort their parts for repurposing. After Liam ignores Siri’s question and moves it into position to be gutted, it finally registers what it is that is about to happen.

“Oh dear,” her voice synthesizer emits in realization. “Wouldn’t you rather grab an organic smoothie?” she asks while facing her demise, one that Apple seems to endorse and celebrate.

Seconds later, after a series of quick, robotic jerks, Liam has ended Siri and placed the pieces of her embodying iPhone – metals, plastics, and glass – into corresponding reservoirs for recycling.

Is Apple serious about Earth Day? Yes, deadly serious, it seems. (Watch the video below and see for yourself.)

If you “ask Siri about Liam,” as the video suggests, you get this message: “Liam. That guy. Don’t get me started.” It’s followed by a link to, which is perhaps the best use of your old iPhone, if, like us, you’ve got a few of them stacked up in a shoebox by now.

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