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5 tips for success in the Overwatch 2 Wrath of the Bride Halloween event


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Halloween festivities are in full swing in Overwatch 2. While the cost of cosmetics can feel more trick than treat, the return of PVE action in the hero shooter sure is welcome. For the sequel’s first special event, a new take on the Junkenstein’s Revenge horde mode is here in the form of Wrath of the Bride. It offers players a break from the struggles of competitive play, instead letting them work their way through a new spooky map and challenges. The event can be tricky, so here are five tips to help give you an edge in Wrath of the Bride.

5. Support the support

Kiriko is the most important character in Wrath of the Bride.


No matter what setting you are playing Wrath of the Bride, the biggest thing you and your teammates will have to be aware of is that you only have one support character. Kiriko is it. It will be her job to keep the rest of the party alive, but that’s a job that can only be done if you keep Kiriko alive.

If you are not playing Kiriko, then you should always be aware of her position and the situation she is in. Don’t let your only support player get trapped by themselves.

If you are the one playing as Kiriko, then it will behoove you to take advantage of her tool kit to the best of your abilities. Yes, Kiriko heals, and that will be your main job during Wrath of the Bride, but Kiriko has surprisingly good DPS potential at a longer range. In addition, Kiriko’s teleport ability to jump towards an ally if you do find yourself in a dangerous situation.

4. Don’t get surrounded

Wrath of the Bride is a horde mode, meaning in between several bigger boss battles, the main obstacle ahead will be a lot of enemies gunning to take you down. It is easy to not pay attention to all the enemies and suddenly find yourself overwhelmed and out of luck. The best way to combat this issue is to take advantage of your environment.

Wrath of the Bride unfolds mostly in larger open environments dotted with rooms to duck into. Think about this like a classic game of Call of Duty’s Zombies mode. Use the smaller interior spaces as a sort of headquarters to make your stand.

Let the enemy come to you in a controlled environment and you have a better chance of managing the overwhelming numbers. If you just go out guns blazing into the open then you are far more likely to find you forget to consider enemies coming from behind you, and now you are completely surrounded. Don’t do that!

Crowd control can be the difference between success and failure.


3. Keep your distance

On a similar note, one of the easiest mistakes you can make is jumping directly into the fray. There are enemies in Wrath of the Bride that are far more dangerous than they may appear at first glance. Namely the Winston Gargoyles. These are powerhouse enemies that can really pack a punch and take you out before you know it.

The best course of action is to take your time and take the gargoyles out from a distance. Better safe than sorry as the saying goes. For this purpose, Ashe and Sojourn should focus on doing any crowd control of the regular Zomnic enemies while Junker Queen can try her hand at solving the pesky gargoyle problem. In addition, Zomnic bots will explode when near you, which is all the more reason to responsible social distance from these nuisances.

2. Bring out the big guns (when you need to)

The most powerful tool each player has at their disposal is their ultimate. Junker Queen, Ashe, Sojourn, and Kiriko all have incredibly useful ultimates that can change the tide of Wrath of the Bride. But it is paramount that these are only used when absolutely necessary, a real “break glass in case of emergency” situation.

Use ultimate abilities strategically.


Most of the ultimates available are well-designed to help with crowd management and can help take out a large number of Zomnic enemies. If you do happen to get yourself into an unfortunate situation and things seem dicey, this is the time to pop an ultimate.

Most of the boss encounters in Wrath of the Bride will require you to pay more attention to the boss’s movements or a special mechanic in the encounter rather than crowd control. More often than not it is safe to save using ultimates outside of boss fights. Just be sure you want to use it, because while the ability recharges you won’t have anything to fall back on if things go south.

1. If at first, you don’t succeed...

Even if you follow all the previous tips, luck might not be on your side. Things happen and your entire team may go down. But don’t fret too much, you can try again.

Each Wrath of the Bride run gives you three chances to succeed, and then you are out. So, if you do find yourself on your second or third attempt in a run just take a second to refocus and think about what went wrong. You’ll put a stop to the bride before long!

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