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How to beat the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 Week 1 challenges

How to beat the first round of Halloween Terror challenges.

Blizzard has resurrected Halloween Terror in Overwatch once again, and with it, the co-operative Junkenstein's Revenge mode has also returned. But the spooky horde mode that puts four players against a sea of "Zomnics" has received a major facelift with weekly challenge variations that really mix-up the experiences.

For the first week of Halloween Terror, players can try the Vengeful Ghost and Frenzied Stampede challenges in Junkenstein's Revenge. As these variations are quite tough, we've rounded up some tips and tricks so you know how to tackle these Overwatch challenges.

What are the Junkenstein's Revenge Week 1 Challenges in Overwatch?

The Junkenstein's Revenge challenges for Halloween Terror Week 1 are Vengeful Ghost and Frenzied Stampede. Overwatch's in-game description for Vengeful Ghost simply says "a deadly ghost chases players." What this really means is that an invincible Zomnic ghost will target players around the map as they try to complete Junkenstein's Revenge on Expert difficulty.

If you are near this ghost, your health will be drained, and it will eventually kill you. As you can't defeat this ghost, you're only real option is to dodge and ignore it as you complete the other objectives.

The other modified event is called Frenzied Stampede, and it makes the Zomnics all move faster in an Expert difficulty round of Junkenstein's Revenge.

How to beat Overwatch's Vengeful Ghost challenge

Vengeful Ghost in particular can be extremely difficult, as there really hasn't ever been an adversary quite like it. And while you can't actually "beat" the ghost, there are some ways you can handle it in-game a bit better.

If you put too much emphasis on fighting the ghost or it keeps killing players, you can quickly lose a round of Junkenstein's Revenge. The most effective strategy is to keep moving so you're never caught in the ghost Zomnic's damaging vortex for very long.

The real threat is the Zomnics trying to destroy the door, so still focus on those. That said, you always want to be cognizant of where it is. At least one player should focus on luring the Vengeful Ghost away from the door as much as possible. Otherwise, it can quickly damage and kill your team if its sits around there for very long.

In terms of team structure, it's smart to have some Overwatch characters with healing abilities on your team so you can quickly restore the damage done by the ghost. Torbjorn's also a smart pick as he can set up turrets that will continue to target Zomnic even if players have to move away from the door to dodge the ghost.

The Vengeful Ghost variation of Junkenstein's Revenge can still be quite tough, even when you're following this strategy. As such, you should probably stick to playing this version of the mode with friends you can quickly talk to and not random people online that won't really communicate with you that well.

How to beat Overwatch's Frenzied Stampede challenge

Frenzied Stampede is much closer to a traditional session of Junkenstein's Revenge, though the faster Zomnics can quickly overwhelm players. As such, more traditional Junkenstein's Revenge strategies and Overwatch team comps should work well in this mode, though it's smart to have characters that can deal and lot of damage and move fast.

Characters like Soldier: 76 can move quickly throughout the map and take out Zomnics before they reach the door. Once again, Torbjorn is a great pick as his turrets can weaken enemies to the point where any character can take them out in just a couple of hits. If you deal with each wave efficiently, the fast speed of the Zomnics shouldn't be too much to handle.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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