Is Final Fantasy VII on Xbox One? How to play the game that inspired Remake

While Final Fantasy VII Remake isn't on Xbox One yet, there's still a way for you to experience the original.

After years of anticipation, Final Fantasy VII Remake was released by Square Enix on April 20 as a timed PS4 exclusive. While there are rumblings of FF7 Remake eventually making its way to other platforms like Xbox One, for now, that is not the case. Xbox One players who still want a chance at visiting Midgar, however, can still play the original Final Fantasy VII, even if they'll have to wait a long time for Remake.

While PS4 players experience FF7 Remake, Xbox One players can try out the classic that first released for PS1 back in 1997. Square Enix ported it to Xbox One and Switch on March 2019, which marks Final Fantasy VII's first appearance on Microsoft hardware. As of this writing, the game costs $15.99 on Xbox One but is not on any services like Xbox Live Games With Gold or Xbox Game Pass as of April 2020.

The original Final Fantasy VII is available on Xbox One.

Which version of Final Fantasy VII is on Xbox One? If it wasn't clear already, this is the enhanced port of the original Final Fantasy VII that first released for PC in 2013. While it started on Steam, this version of the game has made its way to Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as well.

By now, FF7 Remake players are probably aware that the new game only covers a fraction of the original's story, so if you just want to cover your bases for the eventual FF7 Remake port to Xbox One, play at least the first part of the game that takes place in Midgar up until Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith, and Red XIII leave the city. Still, there's a lot of game after that point, so you can continue playing if you want to know where the story will go eventually.

While Final Fantasy VII for Xbox One still features the blocky 3D visuals and pre-rendered backgrounds that it had on PS1, this port still has some nice enhancements. In addition to being playable at a higher resolution, it includes some quality of life enhancements that make the process of getting through Final Fantasy VII a smoother process.

If you want to skip past all the grinding that's necessary in the original, you can speed the game up by three times at the press of a button. You can turn of Final Fantasy VII's random encounters altogether, though this will leave you a bit weaker as the game goes on. But you can also maximize your stats in order to make getting through the adventure a breeze that also incorporates instant recharges for Limit Break meters.

FF7 Remake can get quite challenging, especially on the harder modes, so if you are looking for an easier or more accessible version of Final Fantasy VII to get into, this Xbox One port is a solid option. While it's very likely that the remake will make its way to Xbox One eventually like most Final Fantasy games, this is the only version that Xbox One players have at their disposal for the foreseeable future.

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