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How to salvage meteorites in the Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars event

Salvagé, for the experienced Genshin Impact player.

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Unreconciled Stars is the biggest event in Genshin Impact yet. The three-phase event is set to last two weeks, and it began in mid-November by having players collect numerous meteorite shards from around Teyvat. For phase two, The Star of Deceitful Dreams, you'll need to salvage larger meteorites across Genshin Impact's world. By partaking in the event, you'll be able to earn numerous Primogems after hitting milestones. It's the perfect way to save for Zhongli's banner.

Here's everything you need to know.

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How do you start Unreconciled Stars Phase 2 in Genshin Impact?

Before you can begin harvesting the land for meteorites, you'll need to complete the quest titled "The Crisis Deepens." At the conclusion of that quest, you'll unlock the ability to salvage meteorites.

How do you find new meteorites in Genshin Impact?

All meteorites that can be salvaged will be marked on your map automatically. There will only be at most four meteorites available for salvage at any given time. Once you've depleted your selection of meteorites, speak to Mona at the location below, marked by the purple circle.

Where to find Mona in the Genshin Impact event.


After selecting the "Astrology" option while speaking to her, Mona will fill your map with four new salvage locations. The added locations are random. Head to a location marked by Mona and the salvage location will be marked by the meteorite, which appears similar to a large light blue crystal.

Return to Mona whenever you run out of salvage locations.

How do you salvage meteorites in Genshin impact?

All you need to do is interact with the meteorite, which will kick off a short skirmish similar to Leylines normally found in Genshin Impact. You'll have 10 minutes to defeat enemies while staying within the circle. Each foe defeated will increase your overall progress to completing a salvage.

Make sure not to leave the circle. Your progress will decrease every second that you're outside the circle. If you're outside the circle for more than a few seconds, you'll likely have your progress completely erased. Make sure to have a character that can fight at a distance like a Bow or a Catalyst user so you can defeat those that leave the circle without leaving yourself.

If you're playing in co-op, make sure that the host doesn't die. Their demise will cancel the salvage process.

Once you've filled the gauge completely, you can consider your meteorite as salvaged. Walk up to the meteorite and spend 20 Resin to claim your reward. You'll gain some XP and Falling Star's Might to spend in the event shop.

Venti salvaging a big lode.


What characters are boosted during meteorite salvage in Genshin Impact?

While salvaging, these nine characters will receive a 60 percent attack boost. Play as one of these bad boys to have a slightly easier time:

  • Tartaglia (Childe)
  • Mona
  • Fischl
  • Lisa
  • Beidou
  • Ningguang
  • Noelle
  • Chongyun
  • Xiangling

How do you match with other players for salvage in Genshin Impact?

Due to this being an analog to Leylines, you can't match with other players by just using the game. If you'd still like some teammates to aid you in taking on this challenge, you should use online Genshin Impact matchmaking services. For example, the Genshin Impact discord server is a great way to meet new pals that play Genshin Impact.

Should you complete the event?

Yes. You'll get 30 bonus Primogems for every five meteorites that you're able to salvage until you hit 30 total salvages in Phase two. If that feels like an insurmountable goal for the time you have available, aim for completing 20 salvages. To unlock the amazing Fischl for free during this event, you need to complete 14 l salvages then you'll get a battle pass bonus after 18 salvages. Lastly, two extra salvages for another 30 Primogem bonus.

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