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Where to find the Alien Artifacts in Fortnite Season 7, Week 10

It’s Week 10, and we’re collecting artifacts again.

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Fortnite Season 7 Week 10 has officially arrived, which means there’s a brand-new crop of Alien Artifacts to find. As has been the case throughout the season, there are four artifacts in each of the five canisters, offering players a total of 20 customization parts to alter their tier 1 Kymera skins as they see fit. Below, we reveal all five locations with the maps and screenshots you need.

Fortnite Week 10 Alien Artifacts

We’ll keep things simple, so just follow the maps below, and you should be able to get the latest batch of artifacts.

Alien Artifact location 1: The first Alien Artifact is located in Stumpy Ridge, which is situated southeast of Weeping Woods. It sticks out on the map as a lone tree in a clearing.

You’ll find the first Artifact in this clearing between Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp.

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Once you land there you should see the canister sitting in the middle of this circle of trees. There’s no need to build anything, so just grab the goods.

The canister is in the center of these trees.

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Alien Artifact location 2: The second Alien Artifact is located at Destined Dish, which is southeast of Misty Meadows. Point your cursor at the small dot north of the dish itself.

The second Alien Artifact is found at Destined Dish.

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When you land you’ll see that you’ve marked a nearby storage container. The Alien Artifact is found inside the container.

Look for the canister inside this storage container near the dish itself.

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Alien Artifact location 3: The third Alien Artifact is located at the Weather Station landmark, situated south of Catty Corner. You’re specifically marking a small, black dot.

For the third Alien Artifact location head to the Weather Station south of Catty Corner.

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Upon arrival, you should come to this large solar panel. Whack it with your Pickaxe to reveal the Alien Artifact canister underneath.

Break through this solar panel to get the artifact.

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Alien Artifact location 4: Next, head to the center of Sharky Shell.

The fourth artifact is located in the center of Sharky Shell.

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Drop down to the first floor of the wreckage, and you should come to this large elevator door. Break through with your Pickaxe, and the artifact will be inside.

Look for this firs-floor elevator and break through the door.

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Alien Artifact location 5: The final Alien Artifact of the week can be found at Shanty Town, west of Slurpy Swamp.

The final Alien Artifact for Week 10 is located in Shanty Town.

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On the dock that juts out into the central pond in the area, you should see the last artifact canister.

Look for the canister on the end of this central dock.

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More Alien Artifact locations

Of course, these five new Alien Artifact locations are just the tip of the iceberg, as the larger roster of canisters from previous weeks should still be available to find. With that fact in mind, here are our past Alien Artifact guides for those who might want to continue the hunt after the Week 10 mission is complete.

Fortnite Week 10 Epic Quests

Just like every Thursday, there’s also a new round of Epic Quests for players to complete in addition to the Legendary Quest and Superman Quests that have also made their debuts over the course of this busy week. Here’s the full list of Epic Quests for those who may need it.

  • Use the Grab-itron or saucer's abductor beam to deliver a tractor to Hayseed's Farm
  • Travel in an Inflate-a-Bull (200)
  • Visit Guardian Towers (three)
  • Catch a gun while fishing (1)
  • Outlast opponents (200)
  • Eliminations at close range (1)
  • Damage Doctor Slone (50)

That’s all you need to know about the Week 10 additions headed to Fortnite in the form of Alien Artifacts and Epic Quests.

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