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Why the Enfeeblement Ring is secretly useful in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The Enfeeblement Ring might seem totally pointless, but you just aren't using it correctly.

Final Fantasy VII Remake gives players a daunting amount of items to equip characters with, and perhaps the most puzzling is the Enfeedblement Ring that turns a character into a toad at the start of battle. While it might initially appear completely useless when you first come across the Enfeeblement Ring, it actually has a secret use that you should take advantage of when completing FF7 Remake.

What is the Enfeeblement Ring in FF7 Remake?

The Enfeeblement Ring is an accessory that you can get after beating the Sahagin Prince during the "Corneo's Secret Stash" sidequest. It can be bought from the Moogle Emporium in Chapter 14 or found in Chapter 17 during the objective called "A Way Out."

The Enfeeblement Ring has a troubling in-game description: "Ring that makes the wearer feel as if they are a frog staring into the eyes of a viper."

As the description suggests and accessory info confirms, this item makes players "enter battle with the Toad status effect." This classic Final Fantasy status effect is exactly what it sounds like: The player is transformed into a large toad.

The effect doesn't give any attack or defense bonuses, limits your movement and moves, and overall just makes the game a lot harder when equipped. So what use does it have outside of a challenge run? Quite a significant one actually.

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The Enfeeblement Ring is a bit creepy.

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How to use the Enfeeblement Ring in FF7 Remake

On the surface, turning into an amphibian on command isn't a great effect. This is one of the most frustrating status conditions in FF7 Remake and not one that you would want to willfully subject yourself too under normal circumstances. While its only use appeared to be for challenge runs, some key uses for it were discovered by Reddit user Trophimus.

"[It] can be used to prevent party members from killing enemies when you are trying to steal, learn enemy skills, or fill out assess info page (like staggered, hit with X, etc)," they said in a response to a post asking about the Enfeeblement Ring. This highlights that the Enfeeblement Ring is at its most useful when you actively need to debuff yourself.

You only have direct control over one character in FF7 Remake at any given time, so your companions will attack and use spells and abilities even if you don't tell them to. For completionists trying to finish the access info page or regular players who just want to steal items for enemies and learn enemy skills with Enemy Skill Materia, the other characters in your party can get in the way.

If you give one of them the Enfeeblement Ring, they will become much less effective in the toad form, and you can complete the aforementioned tasks with ease.

The Enfeeblement Ring pairs well with Enemy Skill Meteria.

While the Enfeeblement Ring might seem like something that is better off sold for most players, it has some helpful uses that you might not think of at first glance. This speaks to the depth of FF7 Remake, as players are still discovering new things about almost one week after its worldwide release.

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