5 in-game Warzone hints that a Call of Duty 2020 reveal could happen very soon

Modern teasing.

Call of Duty 2020 should be released sometime in fall 2020, but Activision still hasn't formally announced the game. Many suspect Activision will announce CoD: 2020 in their current smash hit, Call of Duty: Warzone, and while an ongoing ARG campaign that began Monday hints at what's to come, there are numerous Easter eggs found throughout Warzone that have led up to this point. Here's all 5 Easter Eggs and what they mean for the future game.

What do we know about Call of Duty 2020? Currently, fans anticipate that Call of Duty 2020 to return to the Black Ops franchise with an adventure set during the Cold War. This comes from numerous leaks and rumors such as The Red Door, an app accidentally made available on Xbox Live. With this in mind, fans have found numerous in-game Easter eggs that they believe directly connect to Call of Duty 2020 and the Black Ops franchise.

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Bunker? I hardly know 'er.


5. The Bunkers

There are 11 Bunkers scattered throughout Warzone' s map. Each one can only be accessed by using an elusive Red Access Card to unlock the doors. The bunker contains supposed Cold War-era computers, further alluding to the setting for Call of Duty 2020.

Computer-savvy players have attempted to data-mine the bunkers and discovered that Bunker 11 houses a nuclear warhead and a few Black Ops items like an RC-XD and a U-2 plane, which looks similar to the Black Ops Spy Plane. This further implies that the nuclear Cold War setting might be on the way. The setting could kick off with a literal nuclear explosion. One YouTuber suggests an item will be introduced to arm the warhead at a later date.

4. Intel Missions

Starting during Season 4, Call of Duty: Warzone had multistep Intel missions each week, requiring players to traverse the whole map on Ghost's behest. Players are rewarded with ample experience points, and what seems to be Call of Duty 2020 hints.

We've experienced five Intel stories so far and each one seems to come with a small hint. In the first intel, "Fractured," you explore military hangars and labs. It concludes with a message that reads "Zakhaev's plan is in motion." In the second Intel, "Hunting the Enemy," you explore Bunkers in an attempt to intercept the "enemy." This Intel story ends with a train schedule, which could indicate the arrival time of some enemy.

The third intel, "Hidden Cargo," has you follow an import throughout the area. Verdansk's port was allegedly attacked. The mission concludes with what appears to be the introduction of a new character.

Hidden Cargo's new character.


In the next Intel, "New Perspectives," you spend it investigating a downed UAV. This is perhaps to further understand the upcoming enemy that will be featured in Call of Duty 2020. It also sets up the enemy's investigation of Verdansk.

In the first Season 5 intel, "The Lost Team," you explore Verdansk, searching for what caused the explosion on Shadow Company's helicopter during the opening scene. You search for the weapon used, but the mission eventually shifts elsewhere, concluding in a message that reads "ARM 3-1: Located." Perhaps this is referring to the hidden nuke that players located within the bunkers? Only time will tell. Though most of these teasers within the Intel missions feel very modern-day, there's definitely an overtone that it involves some kind of black ops team.

3. New Stadium Section

With the recent Season 5 update, Verdansk's stadium finally opened up to the masses. Alongside it, an annexed area of the Stadium appeared. You can only enter it using the recently added Blue Key Card item. Within, you'll find a computer with random information. It's not known what it means yet, but fans suspect it alludes to the upcoming Call of Duty 2020.

2. The loose RC-XD

Activision / photo from @ModernWarzone

As the Bunkers opened up in May 2020, fans found some new goodies in a shack by the Verdansk Prison. Specifically, they spotted an RC-XD. This is an iconic remote-controlled bomb that was introduced in the first Black Ops game. In this case, the RC-XD was incomplete, sitting on a desk in the shack, presumably being worked on by the inhabitant.

The item is a staple of the Black Ops franchise, so many assume it's a connection that a new Black Ops game is on the way.

1. The Season 5 Glitch

Starting with Warzone Season 5, players have randomly begun to experience a three-second screen scrambling and glitching. While it's happening, a short message appears on player screens reading "I know your history." Other players have experienced a short message in Russian that translates to "doomed to repeat it." When available, the message appears for everyone in the party simultaneously.

It's all rather cryptic thus far, but it seems like these many teasers are building towards some wider reveal that'll clarify what it all means. It's only a matter of time.

Call of Duty 2020 remains unconfirmed.

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