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Cheap Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 trick will infuriate your friends

This plan will ruin Call of Duty: Warzone for everyone involved.

Two men shooting from a helicopter in Call of Duty: Warzone season 5

Call of Duty: Warzone is hard. Your squad is facing nearly 200 other foes and you need to come out on top. Statistically, your chances for surviving are slim, but you can use one simple trick fatten up the odds. All you need is Call of Duty's lord of the sky, the helicopter, and you'll be prepared to come out on top. Here's how the infamous "Helicopter Strat" works.

What is the Helicopter Strat?

As the name implies, Helicopter Strat is playing a game of Call of Duty: Warzone while primarily using helicopters to navigate the map. Using a helicopter, you can stay alive, run over foes, and more. This plan's success relies on the fact that anti-air weapons are typically disregarded in Call of Duty: Warzone. Few people respond to a weapon like the JOKR with more than disgust. How dare such a useless rocket launcher even spawn? That's your opening to achieve victory. On the off chance you're targeted by a missile, use a flare to easily evade it.

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There are small variations on the plan for different game modes, but here's the general gist. You and your squad need to obtain at least one helicopter as soon as the match begins. Ideally, each player has their own personal helicopter, but things might not play out like that. With that goal, mark your desired helicopter on the map before you drop. If an enemy gets to your initial helicopter target before you do, the players on your squad that successfully claimed a helicopter should pick you up, ferrying you to the nearest available 'copter. The idea is to build up a small fleet as quickly as possible.

Helicopter meet house.


This strategy will make many people angry. Helicopter Strat is fundamentally anti-Call of Duty because it lets you circumvent all the hustle and bustle of combat and looting for gear. To eliminate an enemy player, you no longer need a gun. All you need to do bump into a foe with your flying chopper. The blades of your propeller can even murder someone through walls.

After killing somebody in Warzone, you get access to their mic feed for 2.5 seconds. Since employing Helicopter Strat, 90 percent of foes have posthumously yelped with anger or frustration. My favorite holler came from corraling somebody into a short tunnel while my squadmate placed their helicopter at the other end, trapping them.

Once you've all acquired helicopters, you've also gained a fast track for placing highly in any Warzone match, be it Plunder or Battle Royale. All you need to do is follow the instructions.

Can anyone do '"Helicopter Strat"?

I'm personally terrible at all the Call of Duty gun shooting stuff, yet Helicopter Strat has consistently placed my team in the top 20. Although I would love to claim that I'm a prodigious pilot, that's simply not the case. I hit trees, lamp posts, fences, and buildings all the time. Despite this, I still come out fairly successful in each match.

The same can be said about my regular squadmates. Many of them don't have fantastic kill/death ratios, yet Helicopter Strat has made transformed them into formidable competitors. It's just that effective.

With just one simple helicopter, you can become a pro.

Making the most of Plunder


How to perform Helicopter Strat in Warzone's Battle Royale mode

Okay, so you've decided to do Helicopter Strat in Warzone's signature mode. Try to focus on obtaining helicopters that are a fair distance away from the dropship, to ensure you avoid other Helicopter Strat loving players. Once you've gained your helicopter, truly, you can feel safe flying around with abandon. You're effectively camping in the air while those ground-anchored fools battle it out.

If you'd like to be a bit preemptive for when a squadmate inevitably dies, complete as many Supply Run missions as you can. These are marked by the small yellow timer icon on your map. Supply Runs were added to Warzone during Season 4.

After picking one up, you'll be required to reach a specific Buy Station in the allotted time. Fortunately, helicopters can traverse this space in no time flat. Once you arrive, everyone on your squad will receive a single heavily discounted purchase at that specific Buy Station. This includes the ability to revive any teammate for free. There's no timer on claiming your discounted item, so finish oodles of them to stack up on free revives throughout the map.

If everyone on your team has died except for yourself, try completing a Most Wanted mission. They'll be marked by a yellow crown icon. The player that collects it will be marked with a bounty for three minutes. If they can survive, everyone on your team will be revived.

Alternatively, if your faith in Helicopter Strat is wavering, complete a Scavenger mission or two, marked by the yellow Magnifying Glass icon. You'll have to pick up gear from three designated supply crates around the map. This will allow your squad to collect some dough and stock up on actual weapons.

Do any of this to take your pals from the end of a metaphorical plunger to the proverbial Warzone podium in a single match.

Real picture of you and your boys tearing through Warzone with helicopter strat.


How to perform Helicopter Strat in Warzone's Plunder mode

Okay, so you're trying to use Helicopter Strat in the money-collecting Plunder mode. Like Battle Royale, this changes things slightly from before. Instead, try getting one helicopter for two people on your team. Winning this mode will require you to complete as many yellow missions as you can as quickly as you can. I suggest picking up Supply Runs or Scavengers. Supply Runs can be completed quickly. You might find some extra funding in Scavenger crates, making it a worthwhile endeavor.

In this mode, you're going to use the helicopter to ferry your teammates across the map. One person drives, while the other parachute out when objectives are nearby. While objectives are being completed, the driver can cover their allies by promptly running over foes. That's helicopter teamwork at its finest. This should get you to the tidy million lickity split.

Where are helicopters located on the map?

Gamers Heroes put together this handy map of all the helicopter locations.

Gamers Heroes / Activision

To achieve success with Helicopter Strat, the first step is knowing where helicopters spawn. Luckily, they're always in the same locations, although they might switch off from match to match. Look for the helicopter icon in these 12 places.

  1. Gora Dam
  2. Arklov Peak Military Base
  3. Airport Maintenance
  4. BCH TV Station
  5. Verdansk Hospital
  6. Downtown Tavorsk District
  7. Verdansk Port
  8. Zordaya Prison Complex
  9. Bone Yard
  10. Zozsi Spomnick (Southwest of Promenade West)
  11. Stadium (two available here)
  12. Downtown

If you don't find a helicopter in one of the listed locations, it doesn't mean somebody took it. Warzone rotates helicopter spawn points between these 12 locations each game. Be vigilant when entering the Warzone pre-game and scour the map. A helicopter will surely fall into your hands.

Become a sky savior with Helicopter Strat in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5, which is currently available.

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