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How to complete Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5’s Lost Team Intel mission

"Lerch" around to find your lost team.

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Welcome to Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5, which opened with the introduction of the Shadow Company, a new faction that's suffered some losses. The first Intel mission Season 5 involves uncovering what exactly happened behind the scenes to this missing team member.

Here's how to complete the first weekly Intel mission of Season 5 in four easy steps.

What is Intel in Call of Duty: Warzone?

"Intel" is the term given to Call of Duty: Warzone's weekly missions. They exist outside of normal challenges and focuses on continuing Warzone's ongoing narrative through these multi-step missions. You can complete one intel step per match and work towards completing it in any game mode.

Plunder mode is recommended if you're earnestly attempting to finish, due to the respawn ability in the mode. Usually, the reward for finishing everything in an Intel string is a hefty sum of XP that goes towards your Battle Pass and overall level. This week, you'll get 10,000 XP for just finishing the Intel Mission.

Lost Team Intel 1 Location

The first Intel location is near Airport.

Activision / Redditor Bibydoo

The first Intel is located beneath the Airport, within the dank and dimly lit tunnel area. Scour the northern edge of the tunnels to locate several sandbags and a beacon leaning against a tunnel wall. There might also be a supply crate adjacent to the beacon. Interact with the beacon to complete this first part.

Lost Team Intel 2 Location

The second intel is located just south of Superstore.

Activision / Redditor Bibydoo

South of Superstore, you'll find a teeny housing area that was once occupied by people, now it just holds intel. In a northern building, you'll find a rust-colored room containing what could be the start of a small office. There will be a stack of papers on the ground under the desk. Interact with the papers to collect the intel.

Lost Team Intel 3 Location

The third intel location isn't far from the newly opened Stadium.

Activision / Redditor Bibydoo

Travel through Verdansk, heading to the Downtown area by city hall. Close to City Hall, you'll find some smoke and a crashed helicopter.

Check the cockpit to locate a fresh new intel piece.

Lost Team Intel 4 Location

The three comm towers are pretty far apart.

Activision / Redditor Bibydoo

For your final piece of intel, you'll have to hustle and stop by three distinct comm towers in a single match. These are the tall peppermint-colored structures with satellites on top. To collect the intel, you'll need to ascend the tower, reaching the peak and interact with the metal box. The three towers are a fair distance apart, it's likely to be nearly impossible (or at least very stressful) to scale all three on foot. We recommend grabbing a helicopter for this intel mission or you might already have one if you're employing Inverse's patented Helicopter Strat.

Once you're ready, comm towers can be found directly south of the TV Station, southwest of Promenade West, and southeast of Park. You can also use our map above.

Congratulations, you've finished the Intel!

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