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Warzone Plunder trick will let you make a million bucks in 5 minutes

Follow this easy strategy to become a champ at Call of Duty's Plunder.

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When you enter a Call of Duty: Warzone match your objective is to win as swiftly and effectively as you can. You could easily achieve that in Plunder using our patented Helicopter Strat, but you might want another path to victory. Luckily, there's one strategy you can employ to reach a clean million in cash and possibly win the entire match.

Say hello to the "Supermarket Sweep Strat."

What is Call of Duty: Warzone's Plunder mode?

In case you don't know, Plunder is an alternative mode to Battle Royale in Warzone. Instead of trying to mercilessly defeat other foes with bullets, you need to defeat them in capital by acquiring more money than any other team. This can be done in a few ways like collecting money around the map, completing yellow-icon contracts, and killing foes to claim their money. There's also the added benefit that you can respawn and will start with your loadout immediately available rather than having to locate a gun.

Unfortunately, without a gameplan to navigate Plunder, it's easy to get lost, allowing other teams to surpass you financially. To earn your spot, you could just go from mission to mission, but "Supermarket Sweep Strat" will ease your financial hardship by earning you an absurd amount of cash very early in the match.


How to do the "Supermarket Sweep Strat" in Call of Duty: Warzone

As the name suggests, this strategy relies on utilizing Superstore, the monolithic Ikea-like structure in the middle of Verdansk. In normal Battle Royale matches, Superstore holds numerous missions, and it's a great place to defend yourself, making it a hotspot for players leaving the dropship. Without the need for survival, Superstore ostensibly loses its appeal in Plunder. It shouldn't.

When a Plunder match begins, there will always be hundreds of thousands of dollars littered across Superstore. I once entered the shopping center with nothing yet departed with over 300k. You can quickly gain enough money to earn an early first-place lead with one trip to Superstore. This means you can play a bit more leisurely for the remaining match time.

Superstore contains immense wealth, so there might be other players exploring the area. I recommend you enter Superstore with a potential financial goal. For example, maybe you want to collect 100k before leaving. The longer you stay there, the more likely you'll be gunned down by other players, thus losing a significant portion of your earnings.

Once you're done with Superstore, make your way through banks across Verdansk. Due to the Plunder mode, they'll contain more money than usual. Combine that with your Superstore earnings, and you should have more than enough to win the match.


Where are the banks located in Call of Duty: Warzone?

You can raid four banks across Verdansk. They're all located in different areas and won't be labeled on the map, but you can usually tell when something is a bank, it'll feature green lettering on the exterior. This is likely green to represent the color of money. Banks eat money. Be warned, if you enter a bank, an alarm will go off, causing a loud noise and flashing red lights. These will visually alert foes to your presence. Either way, here's where you can find every bank, according to the official Call of Duty atlas.

  1. Promenade West
  2. Promenade East
  3. Verdansk Graveyard (located directly ahead of Superstore)
  4. Bloc 6 (located northwest of Stadium)

What loadout should you use for Supermarket Sweep Strat?

Given the close quarters of Superstore and the banks, you should use a shotgun as your primary weapon initially. Once you've scoured each area listed, switch to a loadout you're more directly comfortable using for distance battles. Alternatively, you could use the perk "Overkill" to have two primary weapons – one shotgun, and one long-distance gun. The choice is yours, but now you have the power to become very affluent. Use it wisely.

For another way to easily achieve victory in Call of Duty: Warzone, please check out our Helicopter Strat.

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