Every event coming to Animal Crossing through the end of June

Bunny Day was just the beginning. Here are 4 new events that'll come to New Horizons before July 2020.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons already gives players a lot to do under orders from capitalist overlord Tom Nook to beautify their island, but there are even more events store after CJ's fishing tourney and Bunny Day earlier in April.

Nintendo released a trailer Tuesday (included below) for all of the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons events that'll happen in April, May, and June 2020 to celebrate things like Earth Day, museums, and ... marriage?

Here's every event coming to the game over the next few months to keep players enticed by expanding their formerly deserted island.

Nature Day: April 23 - May 4

The next event for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is Nature Day. Spearheaded by a sloth named Leif, this event is all about nature and new types of plants. It features not only features new items, but several new outdoors-themed challenges for players to complete as well. The main focus will be on completing plant-focused challenges to earn Nook Miles, and Leif will seemingly stick around to visit once a week similar to other vendors like Kicks.

Check out our summary post on everything you need to know about Nature Day.

May Day Tour: May 1 - May 7

While this event starts in the middle of Nature Day, it's a whole experience of its own. "In the first week of May, players can use a one-time May Day Ticket at the island airport to head out on a limited-time tour to an island that looks different than the usual mystery island tours," Nintendo's official description of the event explains.

While this event may not be as enticing for you tarantula farmers out there, both its description and appearance in the latest trailer are pretty vague, but there is one tease: The press release notes that "a special visitor who looks familiar might also be there..." So it seems like a fan-favorite Animal Crossing character not already in the game might be making their return to the franchise with this event.

Could missing characters like Kapp'n or Tortimer be making their New Horizons debut soon?

International Museum Day: May 18 - May 31

Throughout the second half of May, players can go to the museum and participate in a Stamp Rally that will send players to various exhibits in order to get special rewards by finding different Stamp Machines. It's a pretty harmless event but it could also be a huge boon for the avid collectors out there who devote most of their playtime to hunting down things for Blathers. This could also be tied to rumored museum upgrades leaked in a data mine from April, which could be the real reward here.

Wedding Season: June 1 - June 30

At least one wedding has already taken place within Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and now the game is getting a month-long event dedicated to matrimony. The press release revealing the event explains that "players can visit Harvey’s island to meet the married couple Reese and Cyrus, as well as help arrange and take anniversary photos with them in the wedding-picture studio."

Players will get wedding-themed items for completing this sometime during June, so Nintendo is clearly aware of that niche of Animal Crossing players. As more and more weddings get canceled this year due to coronavirus, this Animal Crossing: New Horizons event will give players the tools and theming they need to celebrate nuptials in-game.

A museum-focused event is coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in May.

Those are all of the major, extended Animal Crossing: New Horizons events scheduled over the next couple of months. Some smaller day-long activities will also pop up during this time, like Flick's Bug-Off on June 27, but one-offs like that feel less substantial.

As everyone remains stuck indoors due to the ongoing pandemic, a lot of these events are looking like an enjoyable way to pass the time.

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