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How to find all 6 Bunny Day eggs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Bunny Day eggs are back.

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It’s already been over a year since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, which means that a familiar cycle of holiday and seasonal events will proceed in the foreseeable future. First up: Bunny Day 2021.

The enigmatic Zipper T. Bunny has returned to everyone’s tropical island from March 28 to April 4, coinciding with many of the trees transforming into cherry blossoms. Along with that comes the overwhelming presence of colorful Water, Sky, Leaf, Sea, Wood, and Leaf eggs that replace many of the game’s resources. They’re vital to creating all sorts of Bunny Day-themed recipes, so if you’re on the hunt for a specific type of egg, look no further than this guide.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to get each egg type, with more in-depth explanations below:

  • Water Egg — Use a Fishing Pole to catch fish shadows in the water
  • Sky Egg — Use a Slingshot to shoot floating presents out of the sky
  • Leaf Egg — Shake trees that have eggs on them and pick them up off the ground
  • Stone Egg — Hit rocks with your shovel
  • Wood Egg — Chop trees with an axe
  • Earth Egg — Dig up small cracks in the ground where fossils usually are

How to get Water Eggs for Animal Crossing Bunny Day

Could this actually be ... an egg?


Functionally, Water eggs replace fish in the oceans surrounding your island and in the rivers running through it. So all you need to do is to whip our your trusty fishing pole and cast it into any of the aforementioned bodies of water. Just like regular fish, Water Eggs will appear as a fish-shaped shadow in the water and wriggle around in random directions. They’ll even chase after your lure as you leave it in the water.

As far as Bunny Day eggs go, Water Eggs feel like the strangest for this very reason. How do they move around? Or are we meant to assume that fish are carrying these eggs and deposit them on your hook?

How to get Sky Eggs for Animal Crossing Bunny Day

You’ve gotta time it juuuust right.


Perhaps the most challenging to find on account of their rarity, Sky Eggs will randomly appear in the Balloon Presents that float over your island. Normally, about every five to 10 minutes or so, a wrapped gift attached to a single colorful balloon will drift overhead. They’ll appear from either the east or west and continue moving in the horizontal cardinal direction, with some slight veering to the north or south depending on the wind.

Depending on the location of the moon or sun, you’ll be able to spot it first by recognizing the shadow it casts on the ground — and you’ll also hear a pleasant but faint wooshing noise. Once you notice it, tilt your camera upwards to get a lock on its precise location, and move in front of its path. Shoot a pebble using your slingshot to pop the ballon, and there’s a chance that a Sky Egg will be inside the wrapped gift. But there are also plenty of other goodies that you might get, including

How to get Leaf Eggs for Animal Crossing Bunny Day

Leaf Eggs will spawn just like fruit.


During Bunny Day, Leaf Eggs grow on trees, essentially replacing the fruit or money bags that will appear if you do the Money Tree trick (by digging up a glowing fossil spot in the ground and burying money in it). But if your trees are full of something, they won’t be able to sprout eggs!

The best thing you can do is ensure that you shake and clear off all of your trees every day during Bunny Day so there’s room for Leaf Eggs to appear. Then, simply shake the tree and they’ll fall to the ground. But be sure to watch out for Wasps, because they’ll randomly attack and sting you in the face if you don’t!

How to get Stone Eggs for Animal Crossing Bunny Day

Look how happy he is to get a Stone Egg!


One of the most important daily tasks Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can engage in is whacking all of the rocks on their island to collect Clay, Stones, and the oh-so-vital Iron Nuggets. To many players’ chagrin, Stone Eggs replace some of the loot you can get.

As always, the best thing you can do is position the rock in the center of a 3x3 grid. Dig holes, place objects, or use other obstacles on the outside of that grid. Why? Every time you strike the rock with your shovel, it’ll knock you back just a smidge. If there’s something behind you, it keeps you within striking range. That way, you can hit the rock eight times fast enough that eight distinct items will drop.

Not only is this the best way to get Iron Nuggets, but it’s also obviously the best way to get Stone Eggs.

How to get Wood Eggs for Animal Crossing Bunny Day

Chop down any kind of tree to get Wood Eggs.


Naturally, Wood Eggs can be found in trees — unlike the Leaf Eggs that are hanging on trees. Just like Light or Dark Wood, to get a Wood Egg, you have to whack any tree with either a Stone Axe or a sharper Axe. The former won’t damage a tree at all, but the latter will cut it down after a few strokes, leaving it as a mere stump.

Either way, simply hit any tree on your island with an axe of some kind, and you should find Wood Eggs sooner or later. You’re better off using a Stone Axe, however, because otherwise you might just destroy all of your trees.

How to get Earth Eggs for Animal Crossing Bunny Day 2021

Blathers will be mad! Bunny Day means fewer new fossils.


Poor old Blathers the museum bird. Normally, whenever you see a star-shaped divot in the ground, that means there’s some kind of fossil you can dig up and then present to Blathers, the curator of your island’s museum. It’s one of the earliest tasks that the game teaches you.

As part of Bunny Day, many of these holes in the ground now house Earth Eggs. Traditionally, either four or five of these holes will spawn in a random location on your island each day. And the timing is a bit unpredictable as well. The best thing you can do is dash around your island at least once per day looking for all of the current fossil holes so you can dig them up.

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