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Everything you need to know about Animal Crossing’s Bunny Day 2021

The infamous Bunny Day event returns.

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Bunny Day is back.

This Animal Crossing: New Horizons event has an infamous reputation as it converts some of the materials players need to collect daily into Easter eggs. As millions of people flocked to Animal Crossing: New Horizons following its March 2020 release, they were accosted by a manic rabbit called Zipper T. Bunny and a flurry of colorful eggs everywhere. It’s colorful and festive, but the event can potentially obstruct whatever progress you may be trying to make in the game.

Whether we want him to or not, Zipper is coming back, though a few small changes have been made to the second annual Bunny Day in New Horizons.

From start and end dates to new items, here’s everything you need to know about Bunny Day 2021.

When are the Animal Crossing Bunny Day 2021 start and end dates?

Bunny Day returns a bit earlier this year. Instead of trolling players on April Fools’ Day, Bunny Day will begin on March 28, 2021, according to Nintendo. Once it begins, Zipper T. Bunny will appear on your island, and the event festivities will begin. The event will resemble last year’s. Eggs will start appearing in the place of wood, stone, fish, fossils, etc.

In turn, those eggs are used to craft special DIY recipes for Bunny Day items. Nook’s Cranny will also sell one special item from this series every day, so you’ll want to check out the store as part of your routine if you’re interested in getting some new Easter-themed decorations.

Bunny Day is back and runs from March 28 until April 4.


The event will run until April 4, 2021. Like last year, this means Bunny Day will end on Easter Sunday. After that, Zipper T. Bunny with pack up and leave your island until next year. While your island will still become an egg-infested isle during the event, it thankfully only lasts eight days this year instead of 12. That should be more than enough time to gather the necessary eggs for crafting

What are the new Animal Crossing Bunny Day 2021 items?

Every Animal Crossing: New Horizons update adds quite a few new items for players to collect. While Bunny Day returns, its items won’t all be the same as last year. While you’ll still have the chance to get eggs for DIY recipes you missed out on in 2020, Nook’s Cranny will exclusively sell the new Bunny Day series items during every day of the event.

So far, most of these items haven’t been revealed by Nintendo. The only new one we know of is a Bunny Day Sign featured in one of the new screenshots for the event’s 2021 return.

As more news items are revealed, we’ll update this post. Also, we expect that you’ll be able to craft the following items from Bunny Day 2020:

  1. Bunny Day Arch
  2. Bunny Day Basket
  3. Bunny Day Bed
  4. Bunny Day Festive Balloons
  5. Bunny Day Flooring
  6. Bunny Day Glowy Garland
  7. Bunny Day Lamp
  8. Bunny Day Merry Balloons
  9. Bunny Day Rug
  10. Bunny Day Stool
  11. Bunny Day Table
  12. Bunny Day Vanity
  13. Bunny Day Wall
  14. Bunny Day Wall Clock
  15. Bunny Day Wardrobe
  16. Bunny Day Wreath
  17. Wobbling Zipper toy

If you already hated Bunny Day, it doesn’t seem like this year’s event will do much to win you over. You should at least be thankful that it’s a bit shorter.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now for Nintendo Switch

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