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WandaVision Super Bowl spot has a bunch of Easter eggs confirming 2 new characters

Viv and Vin Vision are coming to the MCU.

A little while after Jennifer Lopez and Shakira stole the Super Bowl away from the Chiefs and 49ers, Marvel stunned a hundred million viewers with the very first look at three upcoming superhero shows on Disney+, including the trippy WandaVision. But within the all-too-brief teaser that contained only flashes of the series, there's evidence that two major characters from Marvel will make their on-screen debut.

The Scarlet Witch is pregnant, and her kids could be hugely important to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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On Sunday, Marvel aired a commercial for the new shows coming to Disney+ in 2020 and 2021. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki are all new shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will stream exclusively on Disney's subscription service.

One of them, WandaVision starring Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen back as their Avengers, is raising the most questions due to its unconventional premise: A potentially dark, cerebral parody of classic sitcoms like I Love Lucy, The Brady Bunch, and Full House. That's not something you usually see from a massive, action-oriented superhero multimedia franchise.

But for anyone familiar with the comics, it's not an unexpected direction. The Disney+ series is taking heavy inspiration from the acclaimed 2016 comic book series The Vision by Tom King and artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta. In the comic, the Vision creates a "family" in his image, with "wife" Virginia and two children, "son" Vin and "daughter" Viv. It's a synthetic vision of an idyllic American family in the suburbs of Washington D.C., but things take a dark turn when a murder upends Vision's so-called perfect life.

Like the unholy child of Norman Rockwell and David Lynch, Tom King wrote The Vision as a provocative story that brings a dark underbelly to themes of sentience, freedom, and Americana. In a 2016 profile of King, The Ringer described The Vision as an "existential tragedy" with "suburban angst."

The Super Bowl spot contains some references to Vision's children in the MCU as well as to Tom King. Some frames show Scarlet Witch being pregnant, while another includes two baby cribs and a pacifier popping from a baby's mouth. In that same frame too, Vision wears a shirt similarly patterned as one he wore in King's comics, solidifying the connections between the comics and the movies.

Viv and Vin Vision, as they appear in Tom King's 'The Vision' #3.

Marvel Comics

But are the two babies in the cribs Viv and Vin, or are they other characters from the comics?

It's unknown who the children really are in WandaVision at this point, as there are no pieces of definitive evidence to confirm their identities. (There may be something hanging on a refrigerator which we'll get into in just a bit.) While The Vision is more than an obvious point of reference, it was in the 2005/2006 Young Avengers series that introduced two other "children" of Vision, Wiccan and Speed, whom he had with Wanda.

It's actually way more complicated than it seems, and to properly explain it would be exhausting. The long story short is that they are Wanda's children thanks to some reality-warping nonsense.

While the MCU is deep into Wanda and Vision's relationship and hasn't introduced Virginia, the MCU could mesh together many stories from the comics into WandaVision. For that reason, Vision and Wanda's children could be Viv and Vin from The Vision, or they could be Speed and Wiccan from Young Avengers. They could be both. Their names could be Viv and Vin while they possess the super speed and magic of the other two.

Below, we've annotated some of the most telling frames in the Super Bowl spot with the always-helpful red arrow that at the very least confirm WandaVision will see Wanda and Vision have children. (Whether they are real or figments of their imagination inside a simulated reality in Vision's glitching mind remains to be seen.)

Elizabeth Olsen as an apparently pregnant Wanda in 'WandaVision.'

Marvel Entertainment

Two cribs and a pacifier appear in 'WandaVision.' But whose exactly do they belong to?

Marvel Entertainment

About that refrigerator...

While WandaVision is taking after Tom King's The Vision, there is one thing suggesting the children aren't Viv and Vin, but Speed and Wiccan. Hanging on a refrigerator behind Wanda in an '80s setting (peep Wanda's perm) is a child's crafts project shaped in the letter "B," with some bugs on top. It could also be an eye mask standing vertically, but that seems less plausible than a kindergartener's project based on their own name.

Putting our tinfoil hats on, "B" could be Wiccan's real name, which happens to be Billy Kaplan.

Does a child's artwork of a "B" confirm their identity as Wiccan from 'Young Avengers'?

Marvel Entertainment

Whether or not WandaVision introduces Viv and Vin or Speed and Wiccan, we know at the very least that some new characters are coming very soon to the MCU. They could grow up to be heroes just like their parents, or they could turn out to be completely fake, a conjured image in Wanda and Vision's heads as they recover Vision from his death at the hands of Thanos back in Avengers: Infinity War.

All anyone knows for sure is what Vision says to Wanda in the teaser: "Welcome home."

WandaVision will premiere on Disney+ later in 2020.

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