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WandaVision Episode 8 leak reveals a big change from Episode 7

After seven weeks of short episodes, will 'WandaVision' finally mix things up? Here's what we know about the Episode 8 runtime.

It's become a meme that the scariest supervillains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are the words "Please Stand By" that appear at the end of each painfully short episode of WandaVision. Not only has the Disney+ series delivered seven subsequent episodes with a runtime of 30 minutes or less, but the extra-long credits routinely trick fans into thinking there's more to each episode than we actually get. However, this may finally change — if a leak about the WandaVision Episode 8 runtime is to be believed.

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What is the WandaVision Episode 8 runtime?

According to a Reddit post from u/Plenty_Echidna_544, WandaVision Episode 8 will have a runtime of 47 minutes. For proof, the leaker offers up a similar scoop they shared last week claiming Episode 7 would be 38 minutes. That proved to be correct, though it could have just been a lucky guess based on the previous six episodes. Still, there's no reason not to believe Plenty_Echidna at this point.

The real question, of course, is how much of WandaVision Episode 8 runtime will be devoted to credits. Assuming we get the usual 7-8 minutes of credits, that still leaves a 40-minute episode. Then again, it's possible some of that time could be taken up by one or more post-credits scenes. We finally got our first one of those in Episode 7, and there's no reason to believe we won't get more in WandaVision's final two episodes.

When is the next episode of Wandavision coming out?

As always, new episodes of WandaVision premiere each Friday on Disney+. Specifically, you can stream Episode 8 on February 26 at 3 a.m. Eastern time.

Is there a WandaVision Episode 8 promo trailer?

Nope. Not yet, at least. However, one YouTube account did whip up this totally fake Episode 8 trailer if you're truly desperate for something to pass the time.

Disclaimer: This is fake.

What about the WandaVision Episode 9 runtime?

Good question! You might think the final episode of WandaVision would be similar in length to what came before, but there's a very good reason to expect otherwise. Before the series premiered, various people involved in the show (including director Matt Shakman) explained that the full runtime of the series would be six hours. Then, about a week ago, fans started to wonder: if WandaVision is six hours total, how much is left?

This observation led some to assume the final three episodes of WandaVision would be one hour each. However, that clearly didn't happen with Episode 7, and all signs suggest the Episode 8 runtime won't be an hour either. But it's still possible that WandaVision Episode 9 could be a movie-length chapter, which would bring the show's entire runtime a lot closer to six hours.

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