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Rick and Morty Season 4 finale trailer teases a "Pickle Rick" sequel

"Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri" will be a direct follow-up to "Pickle Rick" in at least one big way.

Rick Sanchez once turned himself into a pickle just to avoid going to therapy on Rick and Morty and the end result was the award-winning "Pickle Rick" episode in Season 3. In the teaser trailer for the Season 4 finale, which airs Sunday, Rick turns himself invisible to get out of therapy. Could the end result of this setup be just as brilliant?

It just might be, if Dr. Wong returns to call Rick out for all his bad behavior this season.

Rarely does Rick and Morty follow up on any serialized elements or grapple with overarching plots, but in the teaser for Season 4's final episode, "Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri," we get hints that the episode will feature Dr. Wong, the psychiatrist voiced by Susan Sarandon who specializes in Family Therapy and Coprophagia Recovery (chronic poop-eaters).

"Dr. Wong had a cancelation today. Anybody up for a family session?" Beth asks the whole family over breakfast.

"I am...actually...disintegrating...!" Rick says before vanishing.

The 'Rick and Morty' Season 4 finale will seemingly bring Dr. Wong back.

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Morty is quick to call out that Rick's using an invisibility belt to hide from the family. Everyone participates in a brief argument about the belt, and Rick agrees to loan it to Summer when she points out that "it would really piss off Morty." Her hunch is correct, and Morty chases his invisible sister out of the house.

"Woof! Looks like you two have to fight about why you can't control your kids," Rick says. "Good thing Dr. Wong's got an opening. Bye!

The A-plot will seemingly follow Morty's pursuit of Summer. While that could go in a myriad of directions, it does seem based on this opening scene that the B-plot might just be Beth and Jerry undergoing couple's therapy with Dr. Wong. This being the Season 4 finale, however, there are bound to be some extreme twists, especially because it looks like Rick won't be involved in either plot thread.

Assuming we do see Dr. Wong again in the Season 4 finale, Beth and Jerry will have plenty to talk about. Think about everything Rick has done since "Pickle Rick" aired in August 2017: He killed almost all of the Vindicators just to spite Morty, almost got Jerry killed in "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy," exposed Morty to the Death Crystals that led him to almost destroy the planet, sabotaged Morty's pitch to make a Netflix heist movie, Soul-Bonded with Morty's pet dragon (the magical equivalent of adultery), and most recently tricked Morty into murdering a myriad of Mortys from alternate universes just to make a point.

And that's leaving out a lot.

Last week's "Childrick of Mort" was a somewhat bland and ridiculous episode where a family camping trip got derailed by the revelation that Rick had sex with a planet and spawned a civilization of spiky-headed clay creatures. However, the episode managed to grapple with legacy and parenthood within the Smith's weird family dynamic. Beth would rather abandon her own kids to seek attention from her father than actually participate in the camping trip to nurture her relationship with her own kids, which speaks volumes to the way Rick's ongoing psychological abuse has made her dependent on his approval.

If ever there was a time this family desperately needed therapy, it's now. Morty is miserable, having grown angrier and more violent over time. Summer acted out in "Childrick of Mort" by smoking alien brake fluid. And Jerry used the power of "a Zeus" god (the real father of Rick's clay children) to fight his own wife.

Rick and Morty's Season 4 finale seems primed to grapple with just how messed up this family is in the season finale by bringing back Dr. Wong. And if we get to see Pickle Rick (or some other transformed version of the character) that's just a bonus.

Rick and Morty airs at 11:30 p.m. Eastern on Adult Swim.

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