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Crocodile Loki could confirm the wildest Thor 4 rumor yet

Today Crocodile Loki, tomorrow Throg.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe just got a whole lot more mischievous.

The fourth episode of Marvel’s Loki concludes with Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief waking up in a post-apocalyptic version of New York — destroyed Avengers Tower and all — only to find himself surrounded by a group of other Loki variants.

Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki and Jack Veal’s Kid Loki are both featured in the lineup, but it’s the weirdest of all the new Loki variants that may confirm the legitimacy of one truly wild Thor 4 rumor.

The weirdest Loki variant — Loki Episode 4’s post-credits scene shows four new Loki variants: the previously mentioned Classic and Kid Lokis along with a so-called Boastful Loki and, yes, a Crocodile Loki. While there’s still plenty of mystery surrounding the hammer-wielding Boastful Loki, the scene’s fourth Loki variant seems fairly straightforward.

Indeed, Crocodile Loki is, as its moniker suggests, a crocodile version of the God of Mischief, with its own set of golden Loki horns. To make matters even stranger, it seems extremely likely that Loki Episode 5 will reveal Crocodile Loki can talk as well. (After all, what’s Loki without his voice?)

The character’s appearance is weird, wonderful, and totally in keeping with the overall tone and style of Loki. It also opens the door for other animal versions of established MCU characters to appear in future Marvel shows and films. That’s notable, considering it’s been rumored in recent months that next year’s Thor: Love and Thunder will go down that road.

Introducing the MCU’s newest Lokis.

Marvel Studios

Gods & Frogs of Thunder — Thor: Love and Thunder boasts one of the biggest ensemble casts of any standalone Marvel film to date, and there’s a chance the film’s cast of characters will be even weirder than fans think. Recent rumors suggest the film will feature appearances from multiple variants of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, including a frog version of the God of Thunder known as Throg.

When those rumors first began circulating, it was easy to dismiss them. To many, a Mjolnir-wielding talking frog seemed a little too weird for even Marvel and Taika Waititi to pull off. But now that Loki has introduced a crocodile version of the God of Mischief, the chances of a Throg cameo in Love and Thunder don’t feel nearly as slim.

In fact, assuming that Loki does end (as many think it will) with the Time Variance Authority disintegrated and the reinstatement of the multiverse in the MCU, there’s no reason to believe even the weirdest Thor variants won’t show up in Love and Thunder.

Hello, Throg.

Marvel Comics

The Inverse Analysis — Loki has already moved the MCU forward tremendously in its first four episodes. Its premiere shifted the scales of power within the universe irrevocably, and the secrecy of the TVA has led many fans to speculate the Disney+ series will also be instrumental in setting up the eventual introduction of Kang the Conqueror.

So who knows? Maybe Loki Episode 4 really did just single-handedly lay the groundwork for a talking Frog of Thunder to show up in the MCU next year. Stranger things have happened.

Loki is streaming now on Disney+.

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