'Battlestar Galactica' gets a reboot. Here's how to rewatch the '03 series.

So say we all, soldier! Here's that and a few more streaming recommendations for your weekend.

What a week it’s been: News came Tuesday that ABC’s new streaming service, Peacock (LOL! what a name), would host some sort of Battlestar Galactica remake that has me — and plenty of other nerds out there — salivating at the idea of restarting the 2004 reboot. Truly, “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.” This is Multiverse, your essential source for the best streaming content from Inverse.

You can frakking bet we’re recommending Battlestar Galactica this week, but there’s also a special reason to rewatch some seasons of Doctor Who. The Good Place Season 4 debuts soon as well, so be sure to catch up. To round out the list, we’ve also got a couple horror recommendations to celebrate American Horror Story: 1984’s premiere earlier this week.

  • The Good Place
  • Doctor Who
  • American Horror Story: Apocalypse
  • Sleepaway Camp

But first, let’s share an excellent reader response from last week about the upcoming Face/Off remake:

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Face/Off gets a facelift in one Multiverse reader’s recasting

Last week we asked readers to pick who they’d cast in the roles previously held by John Travolta and Nicolas Cage in Face/Off as a warring FBI agent and an insane terrorist.

“Karl Urban and Joel Kinnaman!” Shannon wrote in. “That — THAT would be AWESOME!” Folks might recognize Karl Urban as the leading man in The Boys on Amazon, or perhaps as Skurge in Thor: Ragnarok. Joel Kinnaman played the lead in Altered Carbon Season 1, but he also appears as Rick Flag in the previous and upcoming versions of Suicide Squad.

“Think Karl Urban playing Sean Archer (meaning it would really be Castor Troy with his face most of the movie),” she explained. “And Joel Kinnaman as Castor Troy (really poor, trapped Sean Archer with Troy’s face). Whichever role, I don’t care, but that would be legit!”

Shannon, I’ve been telling everyone who will listen that this movie should star Brie Larson and Daisy Ridley, but your casting feels much more realistic — and still really exciting!

Remind yourself why The Good Place is just so, well, good

It would be an extreme disservice to our readers if I didn’t remind everyone that your favorite fantasy comedy, The Good Place, returns to NBC on Thursday, September 26. If, like me, you spent the summer rewatching old favorites, you might need a bit of a refresher on this weird world of demons, an A.I. with a cactus malfunction, Ted Danson, and giant floating shrimp. Thankfully, Netflix added Season 3 to its roster a few weeks ago — just in time to catch up before the final season premiere.

Sitcoms seldom stick the landing straight out of the pearly gate (pun intended), but The Good Place absolutely nails it. Kristen Bell returns to primetime in a role that feels a little more Veronica Mars and a lot less Frozen — she starred in both. Bell is wickedly funny as Eleanor Shellstrop, who, despite her less-than-stellar personality, somehow manages to still come off as likable — a credit to Bell’s wide range as an actor.

But don’t just watch for Bell (though I cannot stress enough how good she is), stay for a forkin’ good time! This show packs a lot of charm as it navigates the lives of bad people learning how to be good in the afterlife. Did I mention Ted Danson plays an endearing demon with a soft spot for humans, because honestly, that should be reason enough to give this truly weird series a go. — Chelsea

  • Watch all three seasons of The Good Place on Netflix. Catch the final season premiere on NBC Thursday, Sept 26 at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Bring home David Tennant’s Doctor Who years on Blu-ray — or just watch them on Amazon?

For the first time ever outside of an expensive and comprehensive box set, Doctor Who fans can own Blu-ray versions of every episode with David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. The Doctor Who: Complete David Tennant Collection, released Tuesday, covers Seasons 2 through 4, a total of 36 stories over 47 episodes that include some of the all-time greatest episodes of the series. Matt Smith may be credited with bringing Doctor Who into the mainstream with his weird bow-tie-wearing Eleventh Doctor, but the majority of modern fans consider Tennant’s Tenth Doctor as their Doctor.

Early next year, HBO Max will become the exclusive place to stream Doctor Who, but for the near-future, everything except for the most recent season starring Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor is available to stream on Amazon Prime. Now’s as good a time as any to revisit some of the best Tennant episodes out there.

Back in 2013, I forced a friend to write a watching guide for people who wanted to test out Doctor Who, and the three episodes out of everything he suggested people start with were from the Tennant era. Spend some time this weekend rewatching “Blink” (Season 3, Episode 10) followed by the two-parter of “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” (Season 4, Episodes 8 & 9). Whether you’re new to Who or a long-time fan, watching these three episodes close together will be enough to establish or reaffirm your fandom. — Corey

  • Watch almost all of the Doctor Who revived series on Amazon Prime.

It’s time to remember the craziness of American Horror Story: Apocalypse

While American Horror Story: 1984 is already scaring fans with its creepy summer camp setting, now’s also a good time to revisit the topsy-turvy season that was AHS: Apocalypse. That’s right, Season 8 is headed to Netflix, and it’s arriving at the perfect time. It wasn’t the strongest AHS story, but Apocalypse was definitely an adventure from start to finish. As an anthology, AHS usually starts fresh every season, but Season 8 managed to connect AHS: Coven and Murder House by incorporating Apocalypse as part of a shared universe.

The series also turned everything up a notch in every way, including AHS veteran Sarah Paulson playing three different characters within the same season. Witches, the antichrist, the start of a nuclear war, flashbacks to how the witches wound up part of Apocalypse, and time travel all came into play during Season 8. AHS always thrives on the excitement of insanity. — Mae

  • American Horror Story: Apocalypse will be available to stream on Netflix on Tuesday, September 24. With only 10 episodes, there’s enough time to binge the season just in time to settle in for AHS: 1984.

Get excited for American Horror Story: 1984 with Sleepaway Camp

I haven’t cared about American Horror Story in a very long time, but the upcoming ninth season piqued my interest with its 1980s slasher summer camp theme. The trailer makes clear references to the 1980s classic Friday the 13th, but personally, I can’t stop thinking about the lesser-known, but equally great 1983 cult classic Sleepaway Camp.

Clearly inspired by Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp tells the story of a young girl, Angela, who loses her father and twin brother in an accident. Years later, Angela attends a sleepaway camp that seems normal enough until the staff and counselors start dying in “gruesome” ways. I use scare quotes because Sleepaway Camp is often more campy than it is scary — and not necessarily on purpose. The camp chef is killed in what seems like an easily avoidable kitchen “accident,” and there’s an extremely bizarre baseball scene that goes on for far too long without any sort of payoff. In short: It’s totally ridiculous in the best way possible.

Sleepaway Camp’s real selling point, however, is the twist ending, which I guarantee you will not see coming. I won’t ruin it here, but it’s good enough to make what’s already a pretty fun, silly horror movie into a cult classic. Afterwards, I’d also recommend watching Sleepaway Camp 2, which is more of a straightforward slasher that’s still a lot of fun. Skip Sleepaway Camp 3 (It stinks.) Sleepaway Camp 4 rebounded, but I can’t personally verify that. — Jake

  • The first three Sleepaway Camp movies are available for free (with commercial breaks) on Tubi and Vudu.

Battlestar Galactica — the greatest sci-fi show of the 21st century — is still streaming on Amazon Prime

This week, very recent geek history got shaken up a little bit with news that Battlestar Galactica is getting a remake/reboot that might actually just be a sequel. But before the new NBC streaming service — Peacock — plucks the ragtag fugitive fleet from Amazon sometime in 2020, you can still binge the entire groundbreaking show on Prime right now.

Based on the 1978 cult sci-fi series of the same name, the 2003-2009 version of Battlestar Galactica is kind of like what would happen if Blade Runner was crossed with a hardcore version of Star Wars. Though Star Trek: Discovery and The Expanse have come close, there’s really never been a show like Battlestar. Hell, even those Hosts on Westworld seemed to learn everything they know about robot love and murder from the Cylons on Battlestar. If you’ve never watched the epic series, you should probably start at the beginning, and that doesn’t mean starting at Season 1, Episode 1. Prior to the regular seasons of Battlestar, a mini-series actually launched the show. So you’ve got to watch Battlestar Galactica: The Mini-Series on Prime before you jump into the first regular episode, which is titled “33.” (If you’re starting with “33,” you’re gonna be confused.)

If you’re revisiting the show for the first time in years, you may want to hit up some old favorites. From Season 1, there’s Episode 11, “Colonial Day”, where Lee and Kara try to stop terrorists during a space election. In Season 2, you have to rewatch Episode 10, “Pegasus,” and from there, we dare you to try not to re-binge the rest of the show. But, really, if you watch just one, let’s all hit up that boxing episode in Season 3, Episode 8, “Unfinished Business.” And as far as Season 4 goes … well … we can talk about that later when Kara Thrace decides to buy me a drink IRL. — Ryan

  • Watch Battlestar Galactica on Amazon Prime, but start with the Mini-Series before moving on to Season 1.

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