Apple October Event Invitation Watch: Which Day the Invites Will Drop

Our best prediction.

Apple’s annual iPhone keynote left a lot to be desired, leaving many to immediately begin speculating that there would be another hardware announcement this year. Fans of the company are eager to see new iPad Pros, cheaper MacBooks, and new iMacs launch October. But will this foretold event actually go down? And if so when exactly will it happen?

So far this year, the Cupertino-based company has launched the HomePod, a new 9.7-inch iPad, MacBook Pros, the Apple Watch Series 4, the iPhone XS, XS Max, and the XR. But there hasn’t been so much as a peep about updates for its line of desktop computers.

“If they don’t announce new iMacs this October I’m gonna start making weird noises in my office,” wrote one redditor.

Apple hasn’t yet indicated whether it will host another media event this year. But looking back at its past October launches and taking some contemporary factors into account, we can get an idea of when invites could go out.

We could potentially be looped in for an October event, too.

Apple October Event: What the Past Says:

October launches were actually the norm during most of the years since 2012, with Apple having hosted a total of four October events since then. Given how late it is in the month already, this would be one of the latest Apple events in the year in recent memory, as invites for these launches have traditionally been sent out a week in advance.

  • 2012: Invite sent Tuesday, October 16. Event hosted Tuesday, October 23.
  • 2013: Invite sent Tuesday, October 15. Event hosted Tuesday, October 22.
  • 2014: Invite sent Wednesday, October 8. Event hosted Thursday, October 16.
  • 2016: Invite sent Thursday, October 20. Event hosted Thursday, October 27.

Given the mix of existing Apple news already on deck for October and their past record, Inverse predicts that this year invites will go out on October 23 and the event will take place on October 30. These dates are both Tuesdays, days when the invites and events have been hosted before. This also would space the announcement out from the rollout date for the XR, giving Apple opportunity to maximize the coverage.

The iPhone XR be release October 26.


Apple October Event: iPhone XR Release Date

Apple’s colorful, budget handset for the year will hit shelves on October 26. Naturally, the company will want the maximum amount of hype surrounding the release of the product to maximize sales. Hosting a big launch the same week would probably overshadow the XR, effectively shooting themselves in the foot.

So mark those calendars iPad and Mac fans. Invites will go out a few days before the XR release and the event will go down a day before Halloween.

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