'Fortnite' Season 5 Theory: Was This the Last Portal?

What else is going to show up? 


Portals started showing up in Fortnite after a rocket launch on June 30. Each rift either made some appear or disappear, and what could be the final portal vanished on Tuesday, leading to theories about what’s going to happen next before the start of Fortnite Season 5.

A portal appeared Monday in Moisty Mire, and then on Tuesday, it grew and then exploded to reveal a skeleton of some sort of animal or maybe a dinosaur. This latest rift is one of several to appear every day since the rocket launch at the end of June. One data miner made a list of items that would appear and disappear prior to the start of Fortnite Season 5, and the skeleton was the last on the list. With one day left, what’s next?

The first location of a portal was on a sign at Lonely Lodge on July 1. It vanished into the portal, and what followed were other signs disappearing, including the giant Durr Burger sign and Mr. Tomato Head. Then on Friday, a portal appeared, but when it exploded, an object showed up instead. The Viking anchor, followed by a stagecoach, and then the skeleton, are hints to the time travel theme of Fortnite Season 5.

As for the disappearing signs, one did reappear, but not in the game. The giant Durr Burger sign showed up in a California desert approximately an hour and a half northeast of LA. At the location are self-described “agents” who are advising people coming to see the sign to beware of the anomaly and call a phone number. A sound recording plays when the number is called and encoded in the audio are various map coordinates. A new clip became available Tuesday, and the deciphered audio leads to a location in France.

If there is another portal showing up in Fortnite, it will likely appear around 2 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday somewhere on the island. Fortnite Season 5 starts on Thursday, July 12, which means players should expect to see something big happen until then.

The Durr Burger location in the desert brought out Fortnite fans to see the big burger sign with their own eyes and look at the other objects from the game that adorn the site.

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