'Fortnite' Fans Found a Real-Life Durr Burger Sign in California

The game spilled into the real world. 

Following last week’s rocket launch event in Fortnite, portals began to appear across the island causing various signs to disappear. There was no indicator of where these signs went, but some video game detectives came across an interesting sight when one object from the game showing up in a desert near Los Angeles.

On Friday, photographer Sela Shiloni was out in the desert an hour and a half northeast of Los Angeles scouting spots for a photo shoot. It’s here where he found what seems to be the missing burger sign from Durr Burger in Fortnite. Shiloni said how he didn’t know the reference and was informed by someone on his Instagram account after he posted the picture. As crazy as that sounds, it only gets stranger from there.

Shiloni posted a video to Twitter showing the surrounding near the burger sign. There’s a tent with a sign that says, “If you can read this you’re in range of the anomaly.”

In the video, he also shows an unmarked police car, which one Twitter user matched with a car in Fortnite. On top of that, there’s an “agent” there.

Another Twitter user visited the site and found another sign that says, “This site is unstable. Beware of possible effects.” He also received a card from the agent that shows the agent’s number, 3678, and a phone number, 712-380-4091.

The area code is for the western section of Iowa, home to several small cities. When calling the number, a recording of what some players are saying is the noise emitting from the in-game portals will play for approximately 15 seconds and then disconnect. The Twitter account FNLeak posted a recording of the audio from the call.

It appears Epic Games created an alternate reality game (ARG) to promote the start of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5. The big question now is whether other objects which disappeared from the game will show up in the real world, in particular, the big Mr. Tomato Head from Tomato Town. Maybe it will be found somewhere in western Iowa where the phone number originates from.

With a short amount left before the starts of Fortnite Season 5, players who want to earn all the Battle Stars on their Battle Pass will need to complete the various challenges including the latest Week 10 Challenges.

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