'Fortnite' Rocket Launch Theory Explains Why the Sky Cracked

Gotta get back in time.


Saturday’s rocket launch in Fortnite left a giant crack in the sky, among other changes on the island. After some speculating and data mining, there is one theory that seems to be the most likely explanation of what happened and what will come in Season 5.

Prior to the Fortnite rocket launch Saturday, Twitter user GameCentral_FBR tweeted new images found in the game’s files. Included in those images are an old poker table, steer skulls, a campfire with an old pan, and a penny-farthing. The data miner also mentioned the ones shown were just a sample and that there were more than 200 others. It appears that Fortnite: Battle Royale will time travel in Season 5.

The theory goes that the “Visitor”, the antagonist for Season 4, either attempted to go back to its planet or tried to destroy the world with the rocket. Someone, most likely “The Omen”, another skin for the game, caused the rocket to avoid destroying Tilted Towers and then teleport across the island. It then smashed into the sky, but also caused a rip now found at Lonely Lodge.

With Season 5, the island will go back in time to different eras of the world. One theory on the Fortnite subreddit suggested it would travel to ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. That may not be the case, but considering the giant footprint of something called the Leviathan, there could be a jump in time to bring back a dinosaur. To add more weight to the time travel theory, Donald Mustard, worldwide creative director of Epic Games, tweeted hours before the Fortnite rocket launch Saturday, “Be excellent to each other, which is a quote from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, a movie about time traveling.

Does this mean every week for Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 there will be a new era of time to play in? It’s unclear as of right now, but players may find out more on Tuesday when the next update happens.

As Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 approached, this means players have only a short amount of time to complete the Weekly Challenges.

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