'Fortnite': What Is the Leviathan and What Does it Mean for Season 5

It's going to be big. 

F ortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 4 is almost over, and Epic has not gone overboard when it comes to hints about the end of the season like it did with Season 3. Data miners, however, found some new details in the latest update showing what could be the end of the season as well as a new mode coming.

Fortnite data miner extraordinaire, TwoEpicBuddies, found some interesting files in Wednesday’s v4.5 update including audio files that had a secret code embedded in it. More importantly, they discovered info about something big called the Leviathan.

Earlier in Season 4, a giant footprint appeared northwest of Greasy Grove that was one of the Week 6 Challenges. There was speculation that a big monster, called the Leviathan, left that footprint. TwoEpicBuddies theorized the big behemoth will be part of a new 50 v 50 limited time mode where one team protects the beast while the other tries to take it down as it travels from Moisty Mire to Greasy Grove or Wailing Woods.

The basis for this theory is the codes they found in the audio files added to the game with the v4.5 update. The letters and number combinations in the audio clip – B6, H9, I8, I9 – correspond to a large section of Moisty Mire and the footprint of Greasy Grove. The inclusion of Wailing Woods is that it’s a nearby wooded area like Moisty Mire.

If this is the case and Fortnite: Battle Royale is ripe for some more destruction as Season 4 comes to an end. With one more week left in the season, expect to see some hints from Epic like last season.

Those hints, however, will probably begin once Playground Limited Time Mode is working again. The developer added the new mode to the v4.5 update, but an unforeseen issue resulted in removing it until it gets fixed, which should be relatively soon.

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