'Fortnite' Playground LTM Removed: We Finally Know When It's Coming Back

Finally some good news from Epic Games!

Yesterday, ‘Fortnite’ finally added a feature fans have demanded for months: Playground LTM (short for Limited Time Mode). The new mode promises your “own private island” where up to four players can practice and play for an hour at a time with friendly fire and instant respawns.

Unfortunately, Playground LTM’s launch wasn’t particularly smooth, to say the least. The update crashed the entire game, taking Fortnite’s matchmaking system with it. In an effort to get the game up and running, developer Epic Games pulled the new mode entirely just a few hours after its release with a promise to update fans on its status on Thursday.

Thankfully, the company just issued an update on the status of Playground LTM and when it may be coming back the Fortnite.

Here’s the tweet:

And here’s the full update shared on Reddit:

Yesterday we launched the Playground LTM. So many of you rushed in to create and play that our matchmaking service fell over. We’ve since separated the Playground matchmaker from the one that affects the default modes and made large improvements to assist with the number of players. We plan to push these changes and improvements live later today to bring the Playground LTM back online.

So it so sounds like Fortnite LTM will be back online by the end of the day. Of course, knowing Epic Games it’s possible there could still be some bugs to iron out, but either way it shouldn’t be too long before you’re back on your own private island without all those annoying, ridiculously skilled other players.

In the meantime, why not watch a few videos from other Fortnite players who managed to spend a little time in Playground LTM while you wait?

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