'Fortnite' Omen Skin: What We Know About the Leaked Blockbuster Skin

Here's how you can probably get it.

Yet another new Fortnite skin depicting a Season 4 supervillain was leaked, and it looks even scarier than “Visitor.” “Omen” is some kind of darkly-clad supervillain whose face is obscured, and he wears a long cape and leather armor like many of the other characters.

Monday’s version 4.4 update to Fortnite brought several changes, including a new soccer stadium to the map, but hidden in the game’s code are several new skins tied to an ongoing Blockbuster Challenge.

Players have to complete all of the Weekly Challenges for every week, which unlocks the new loading screen. That screen always holds some kind of clue, be it map coordinates or a specific landmark. Once a player discovers a certain location, they can find a Battle Star in a fashion similar to the “search between a” Weekly Challenge format.

Here’s Omen, a Legendary skin that might be available later this week when Week 7 starts, which means you’ll have to complete all of the Week 7 Challenges if you want any chance at getting this skin:

Omen looks similar to Raven but if he were a crisply-costumed supervillain instead.

Epic Games

So what does it all mean?

Season 4 brought with it a series of meteors and a superhero theme to Fortnite, but what’s “real” and what’s “fake”?

Based on all of the cameras and film sets, it seems like some production company was filming a movie when real meteors crashed into the map. Consider this loading screen, which depicts an active production as a meteor strikes:

This 'Fortnite' loading screen helps fill in some backstory.

Epic Games

Because Hop Rocks exist and cause gravity distortions, it seems perfectly plausible that the many superheroes and supervillains that also pop up in various loading screens are totally real. Keep in mind that there’s also the superhero mansion and supervillain lair in the map now as well. And yet, there are also loading screens depicting superheroes and villains hanging out on a film set, so who knows?

It’s impossible to know for sure, but it seems likely that the Visitor and Omen skins might be available as part of the Blockbuster Challenge when Week 7 starts on Thursday at 4 a.m. Eastern.

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