'Fortnite' Portal Arrives With a Stagecoach — Here's How to Find It

It's hard to miss. 

What started off as objects disappearing in a portal in Fortnite has now become the appearance of strange items on the island like an episode of Lost. What showed up on Sunday is another object that makes little sense, but does tie into the current theory of what will happen in Fortnite Season 5.

On Saturday, a new portal appeared at a hill near the prison just north of Moisty Mire. Then on Sunday, at approximately 4 p.m. Eastern, the portal exploded and in its place was a stagecoach from the Old West. Those players who want to see the site can head north of Moisty Mire towards the prison and it’s pretty hard to miss it. To take a closer look, build a ramp up the hill. The old-timey object adds more credibility to the theory that Fortnite Season 5 will have a time travel theme.

'Fortnite' Stage Coach


The previous portal showed up on a hill Friday between Greasy Grove and Snobby Shores, and on Saturday, a Viking anchor appeared. This came days after signs disappeared across the island including the giant Durr Burger and Mr. Tomatoe Head.

Data miners came across these leaked images of the anchor and stagecoach when reviewing the files from the latest Fortnite updates. What they found were new assets that had an Old West theme to them. One data miner on Twitter created a list of items that would disappear and reappear, and so far, they’ve been right with all their choices.

Going by the list, the last object to appear is a skeleton, which should show up at 3 p.m. Eastern on Monday. With Fortnite Season 5 starting on July 12, then it’s unclear what will happen on Tuesday, July 10, as that day of the week is usually the time when Epic Games applied a new patch to the game.

As if it couldn’t get any weirder, the missing Durr Burger sign showed up in the California desert. Not only that, an “agent” is on hand advising people to dial a certain number about the “anomaly.”

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