'Fortnite' v4.4.1 Patch Notes: 3 Things Probably Coming in the New Update

Two updates in one week? 

Like everyone else in the gaming industry, Epic Games is in the middle of a busy week thanks to E3 2018. So far, it released an update a day early, put on a major pro-am event, and released Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch where it’s already been downloaded more than two million times. But there’s still more work to do.

Epic tweeted it will release the v4.4.1 update Thursday morning. This is the second update this week, not a common move by the developer unless there was some sort of mishap that required an immediate update. Similar to previous weeks, there wasn’t much of a hint of what’s to come, but it’s likely going to be three things.

New Weekly Challenge

This is a no-brainer. In late May, Epic changed the day when new Fortnite: Battle Royale Weekly Challenges go live from Tuesday to Thursday. The reason for the change was to prevent any issues when an update takes applied negatively affects the challenges.

Blockbuster Skins

Data miners discovered the new skins called “Omen” and “Visitor.” It’s speculated that these two costumes, or maybe just one, will be the reward for completing the Blockbuster Challenge, which started at the beginning of Fortnite Season 4. This challenge requires players to find seven hidden Battle Stars with the help of clues in new loading screens that are unlocked when all tasks for the Weekly Challenge are completed.

Shopping Carts Return

On Monday, Epic tweeted it removed Shopping Carts from Fortnite because of issues they were creating. Over at the Fortnite Trello Board, the issue regarding the shopping carts is listed as fixed and will be added in the next update, which is just in time for v4.4.1 on Thursday.

There will be no downtime when Epic applies the v4.4.1 update Thursday morning. Although this should be a small update, there could be even more changes coming along with a variety of fixes for issues, especially for the recently launched Nintendo Switch version.

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