'Fortnite' Switch: Millions Download Game Despite PS4 Cross-Play Issues

It just keeps growing.

One of the least surprising announcements, thanks to multiple leaks, came at the Nintendo’s E3 press event, but even though the surprise was ruined, it’s already become a big success.

Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch was an expected announcement from Nintendo at E3 Tuesday. With the game this popular, it’s no surprise that it’s been downloaded more than two million times in the past 24 hours, even with the debacle created by Sony that many players were upset about on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, after the announcement during Nintendo E3 event, Fortnite became available to download for Nintendo Switch owners, but there was a problem. Players who used their Epic Games account on a PS4 to play the game found themselves locked out of using that same account on the Nintendo Switch resulting in some having to start a brand new Epic account or play on the Switch without the ability to carry over what they unlocked to other platforms. This led to the creation of the #BlameSony hashtag on Twitter.

The issue stems from a protocol Sony implemented to not allow PS4 owners to play online with other players on competing consoles. Fortnite players on the Switch, PC, Xbox One, and iOS can play with each other, but those on the PS4 can only cross-play with PC users. So far, neither Sony nor Epic have commented on the issue.

Nintendo Switch owners can jump on the Fortnite action now, for free, and join the more than two million people playing on the Switch and millions more on the other platforms.

Tuesday was the first official day of E3 2018, and also the day of the Fortnite pro-am invitational and up for grabs was $3 million for charity. The winner of the even was hardly a surprise. Also at the even, Epic announced its huge esports event, the Fortnite World Cup.

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