'Solo': Qi'ra Will Get Her Own 'Forces of Destiny' Animated Episode

The enigmatic Qi’ra will get another appearance in Star Wars canon beyond of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and it’ll happen way sooner than you might think through Forces of Destiny.

In a new episode of the Star Wars Show released on Wednesday, co-hosts Andi Gutierrez and Peter Townley announced that Disney is releasing a new episode of the Forces of Destiny animated series that focuses on Emilia Clarke’s character from Solo: A Star Wars Story. The new episode will air on Friday, May 25 as part of a special on the Disney Channel that night. But it’ll also be released on the same day via Disney’s official YouTube account, so you can find it in the company’s Forces of Destiny playlist.

While not explicitly female-focused, just about every Forces of Destiny episode focuses on female heroes like Jyn Erso or Leia Organa and even others from Star Wars Rebels like Ahsoka Tano. They’re usually under 3 minutes and tell fun, entertaining side stories that occasionally fix plot holes. Season 2 influenced Star Wars canon in plenty of ways.

Qi'ra is about to join these hallowed ranks of female Star Wars characters featured in 'Forces of Destiny'.

Star Wars

We still don’t know a whole lot about the mysterious Qi’ra other than that she grew up with Han Solo on Corellia and is something of a rebellious rogue herself. In Solo, she works in Han and the rest of the crew led by Tobias Beckett. As children, Han and Qi’ra were seemingly partners in crime, and they make that literal as adults in Solo. If the movie does get its rumored sequels, then we sincerely hope that we might see Qi’ra on the big screen once again.

It’s unclear whether or not Emilia Clarke, who plays Qi’ra in Solo, will also voice her character in the Forces of Destiny short. Previous episodes vary wildly, but it’s not impossible that it could happen.

The new Forces of Destiny episode starring Qi’ra will air on the Disney Channel on Friday, May 25 at 8:30 p.m. (probably local time) as part of a longer special focused on the series, but fans will also be able to watch it on Disney’s official YouTube channel.

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