'Solo' Post-Credits Scene: One Moment Basically Qualifies, Sets Up Sequels

It’s not a huge spoiler to say there is not a post-credits scene in Solo: A Star Wars Story, because if there was, it would break Star Wars tradition in ways fans might not be able to handle. But, there is one specific moment that almost qualifies as a post-credits scene. Here’s why this scene is significant and why it feels like sequels are coming. (No spoilers ahead, just a quick tonal guide to one specific scene to watch for in Solo and how it might change the way standalone Star Wars movies work.)

Refreshingly fun and sexy, Solo hits theaters everywhere on Friday. But as early as Thursday evening, fans will have seen the movie and be totally shocked by one specific moment. This moment doesn’t really change much about what has happened in the movie per se, but it does strongly suggest that sequels could happen. It’s a bonus scene that shouts-out a Star Wars character you may remember, but not everyone will understand how it all works. Basically, this feels just like a post-credits scene in a Marvel movie circa 2008-2011. The existence of Thor’s hammer in the post-credits scene of Iron Man 2 in 2010 didn’t change anything in the plot of Iron Man 2, but for the faithful, it was a not-so-subtle nod that let hardcore fans know more characters were coming. The big moment in Solo is like that.

Will there be 'Solo' sequels?


Whether or not this scene actually means there will be direct sequels to Solo remains to be seen. But, let’s just put it this way: if there aren’t any sequels to Solo this scene will feel like one of the most bizarre teases of all time. Basically, fans will hope this scene is like Thor’s Hammer in Iron Man 2 and not like the post-credits scene in the Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man 2 in which the Sinister Six were set up and then nothing happened.

Though Alden Ehrenreich is signed up for two more Star Wars films after Solo, director Ron Howard has said “fans are going to define” the future of a Solo sequel, which is code for: Go see it more than once and pay full price or there ain’t gonna be no Solo sequels!

Last week, there were also rumblings of a sequel that would deal specifically with Lando, which, once you see Solo sounds great, but it will also be tricky from a chronological point of view.

In the end, the big, weird, pseudo post-credits scene in Solo could be a first in Star Wars history. For the most part, when one Star Wars movie has set something up, that concept was explored in another movie. Like that broom kid at the end of The Last Jedi, this moment might appear in another Star Wars movie, or it might be fated to simply be one of those strange movie moments that briefly gestures at a parallel cinematic universe, before fading into the darkness.

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