First 'Star Wars: Forces of Destiny' Clip Fixes Rey Plot Hole

The first video from the new Star Wars: Forces of Destiny animated series has surfaced online. Titled “Sands of Jakku,” the story adds detail to a small plot hole from The Force Awakens. Remember when that weird alien was following BB-8 for like a second? Now we know what happened to him.

Though preview videos were scheduled to debut today at 1 p.m. Eastern, and the series doesn’t hit the Disney Channel until July 9, the first installment of Forces of Destiny showed up a bit early on the Disney YouTube channel. In it, Rey and BB-8 battle a monster that is way bigger than it initially seemed in The Force Awakens. In order to defeat the giant sand monster, Rey pulls a move worthy of Luke Skywalker. Who knew jamming things inside the jaws of deadly creatures was so common in the Star Wars universe?

The giant monster Rey and BB-8 face also has shades of a sandworm from Dune, providing an unlikely sci-fi literary reference into a new children’s cartoon. All in all though, a monster that likes eating droids is very reminiscent of The Empire Strikes Back, too.

Watch the clip for “Sands of Jakku” below.

For reference, here’s the head of the same creature’s head poking out of the sand in The Force Awakens. This happens right after Poe Dameron tells BB-8 to run away from the scene of the battle. Because Forces of Destiny is considered canon, we know now that this creature was following BB-8 for a long, long while.

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny will hit the Disney Channel on July 9.

Watch the trailer for the whole series here.

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