This Cheap Apple Vision Pro Accessory Looks Like the Cushiest Way to Add Comfort

Memory foam to the rescue.

Comfort Module accessory for Apple Vision Pro
VR Panda

It was only a matter of time until we saw third-party accessories for the Apple Vision Pro.

VR Panda is one of the first to offer an unofficial head strap accessory for Apple’s spatial computer, so long as you already have the Dual Loop Band. The Comfort Module accessory adds memory foam to both straps to make wearing the headset more tolerable during longer sessions.

This affordable accessory could be a quick fix to get around the comfort issues that some people have been experiencing with their Apple headset. If you’re past the point of returning your Vision Pro, the Comfort Module could be a simple solution if you don’t want to 3D print or MacGyver your way to a more comfortable fit.

The Comfort Module throws thick memory foam pads onto the Dual Loop Band.

VR Panda

Choosing Comfort First

The Comfort Module uses memory foam pads on the top strap and an entire cushion on the back strap. The design is meant to relieve the pressure when wearing the Vision Pro, even if the Dual Loop Band doesn’t have the quick adjust knob that the Solo Knit Band offers. The extra padding should translate to much more relief, especially for longer sessions spent with the Vision Pro on.

Even though there’s a ton of extra cushion with the Comfort Module, the design doesn’t address anything when it comes to balancing out the Vision Pro. Many people have complained about the front-heavy design of Apple’s device, with some people even attaching the battery pack to the back of the Vision Pro to act as a counterbalance.

An earlier design of the Comfort Module didn’t have a memory foam cushion on the top strap.

VR Panda / X

Available in Four Colors

If you’re already using the Dual Loop Band and think it could be made even more comfortable, the Comfort Module is only $19 and comes in four colors. The white option was designed to match Apple’s minimalistic design, but you can opt to add a pop of color to your Vision Pro too in black, blue, or orange.

VR Panda has already made its Comfort Module accessory available for order. Looking ahead, we’re expecting to see many more accessories and DIY mods as people get more familiar with their Vision Pro headsets. Of course, there’s a possibility that Apple may have already found a more comfortable design for its next-gen Vision Pro.

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