3 Ways Apple Vision Pro Owners Are Modding Their Headsets For Comfort

These modders take comfort very seriously.

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A modded Apple Vision Pro headset.
landonepps / Printables

The Apple Vision Pro has been a serious game changer for mixed-reality headsets, but it still doesn’t completely solve one of the most common issues with them: comfort.

The Vision Pro, like other headsets, can still get burdensome after long periods of use, and as a result, Vision Pro owners are taking matters into their own hands. The result is a wave of mods to solve problems like neck strain, light leaks, and more.

We’ve seen everything from simple hacks you can accomplish with household items to 3D-printed attachments that live on the headset. Here are some of the most pivotal mods you should know.

3. 3D-Printed Clips

Apple may be new to this mixed reality space, but Meta has a whole ecosystem of accessories for its headsets to draw from. Vision Pro owners decided to look towards the Meta Quest 3’s head straps and adapt them to Apple’s headset. With this mod, you pop out the Vision Pro’s arms and replace them with the BoboVR M3 Pro head strap and a 3D-printed adapter that connects the two parts.

The BoboVR strap distributes the pressure across your head more evenly.

landonepps / Printables

If you don’t want to buy an accessory designed for another headset, you could always go with a more budget option that only requires a baseball cap. Instead, you 3D print this hook and clip accessory that can take the pressure off the front of your face and transfer it to your hat above. Watch out for some wild hat hair afterward, though.

A hat and a 3D-printed clamp work just as well.

Geoff Dudgeon / X

2. Improved Comfort and Better Light Seal

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, you can rely on velcro straps to help make your Vision Pro more comfortable. With this mod, you strap the Vision Pro’s connected battery to the back of the headset with velcro to act as a counterbalance. With a better distribution of weight on your head, the Vision Pro should feel a lot more tolerable for longer sessions.

Instead of 3D printing a custom accessory, you can just as easily tie a velcro strap to the Vision Pro’s arms and attach it to the brim of your hat. If you don’t want to run to the arts and crafts store, just try this method with a big rubber band. As simple as this mod is, it does have the unintentional benefit of preventing any light leak from above.

1. Custom Headbands and Helmets

Since you already spent $3,500 on the Vision Pro, surely you wouldn’t mind dropping another $100 on an extra Solo Knit Band for this mod. Think of it as getting the best of both worlds when it comes to Apple’s official headbands since it takes after the Pro Dual Loop’s form factor while combining it with the comfort of the fabric of the Solo Knit band.

This is about as close as to an Apple-approved solution there is.

grimdar / Thingiverse

If you really need people to know you’re an Apple diehard, we present The Triple, courtesy of Paul Wolfe on X. This monstrosity pairs the Dual Loop Band with the Solo Knit Band for a grand total of three straps wrapped around your head for maximum comfort. As absurd as it looks, Wolfe says it gets most of the headset’s weight off the face.

Three bands may seem excessive, but that would make modding your Vision Pro to fit into a helmet overkill. If you’re ready to abandon the aesthetics of Apple’s headset altogether in the name of comfort, fastening it to a $40 helmet with velcro straps is the way to go. It’s not the most elegant solution, but the modder says there’s an added benefit of the helmet amplifying the Vision Pro’s speakers.

Break Out the Glue Guns

With early adopters running close to the end of the return window for the Vision Pro, we understand why some of them may have given up on it. According to The Verge, comfort is one of the main reasons for returns.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is still a first-gen product and even if you have some complaints about comfort, the fix could be as simple as Apple cooking up an improved head strap that better distributes the headset’s pressure and weight. For now, Vision Pro owners will just have to get creative.

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